15+ Profitable Services Business Ideas for United States

Are you planning to start a service business right now in the USA with low risk and high profit? If your answer is YES then read on. Here are some of the ideas to run a profitable business with less investment.

Convenience hungry consumers are looking for avenues to do things better, cheaper and faster. This generally means turning to a service specialist who can be entrusted with the responsibility to do the job correctly without confusing any bells and whistles. We spoke with some aspiring entrepreneurs to present you a list of service businesses – from adventure tour leaders to pet sitters; we have created a list of best business ideas for you to choose from so that you can get started with your service business today without an excuse.

The service businesses can be classified broadly into 7 categories namely- personal services, business services, marketing and sales services, computer and technology services, children services and event services.

Food Service Business USA

Here are some of the service businesses that you can consider:

  1. Mobile Pet Grooming: Convenience craving customers will love the convenience of a pet grooming services at their doorstep. Imagine how the owner of the doggie will feel if you can give a bath, or brush or clip the nails of the pet at the doorstep. All you need is some proper training, a van and some grooming tools and you will be all set to market your business in your neighborhood.
  2. Collectibles search: If you are planning a collectible search business then you should carefully swap meet canvas, check out garage sells and collect bundles of collective items or small decorative items for your clients. Once you have found something exclusive and unique- be it a grandfather clock, antique toy, boxes or any object d’art, you can collect them all and advertise your services on the internet or on eBay or Craig’s List or on any such similar sites on the internet and soon you might be find someone calling up to inquire about your product.
  3. Pickup and delivery for dry cleaning: If you like clothes then try on this business. The business is quite simple; all you need to do is pick up and deliver the clothes at a place that is convenient for your customer. You can then tie up with a local dry cleaner to do the cleaning. Simple isn’t it?

Laundry Service Pick and Drop USA

  1. Mobile Locksmith: You will just require a cell phone and a van and you can be ready for this 24/7 job. You can easily do this business with some basic training and equipments, and you will be able to succeed as a locksmith.
  2. Cleaning Services: There is a diaspora of cleaning services that you can do. You can choose from restaurants, offices or even homes, everyone needs cleaning. Restaurants require thorough cleaning and if you can tap them then they can become your steady clients.
  3. Business Plan Services: This requires some training. If you want your customers to be loyal to you and you want to grow your goodwill in the market then you need to learn how to write a proper business plan. You can also include market research and drawing the financial statements. Business plan services are on high demand and do not forget to have more than one business plan samples to show your clients.
  4. Graffiti removal services: If those ugly pictures on the wall are an eyesore for you, it is the same for your clients too. You can start the business with some basic paints and other preventive treatments and you can start barking at the right tree by visiting residential as well as commercial clients.

Graffiti Removal Service Business

  1. Self Defense Instructor: If martial arts gets you excited and you have done formal training in any kind of martial arts be it judo, karate, kung-fu or any other kind of martial art form you start teaching self-defense skills. People of all ages irrespective of their background or sex can benefit from your teachings. You can also train some of your students to impart training to others on your behalf and start training schools under your umbrella.
  2. Chimney sweep: Nowadays almost every house, food joints have chimneys; even offices have installed chimneys in their canteens. You can first learn the tricks of the trade by becoming an apprentice and pick up some valuable information about the business. You can start the business with a chimney inspection service, and fix a time with your client for a monthly visit. This is the initial step to start this business and you can tie up with some technicians who can do the cleaning and repairing work.
  3. Adventure tour services: If you have a taste for adventure then you are all fit for this type of business. You require a few things to start this business like proper collaboration with hotels or lodges for food and lodging, coordination with transport and some exotic lists of destinations. One good thing about this business is if you can keep your client happy your business will grow by the word of mouth.

Adventure Tour Service

  1. Computer repair services: This will require proper training and licenses. You should be able to investigate the faults in the computer be it the processor, screen, keyboard or mouse you should have the expertise to pinpoint the problem and solve it. For this, you will need a good knowledge of the hardware as well as the software. In case the computer is infected with some virus you should be able to clean them.
  2. Pet sitting: Most canines will prefer their backyard to a kennel when it comes to choosing. Pet sitters are like a welcome breeze for those who need to go out to work and have to keep their pets at home. Thanks to the pet sitters, the pets can be taken well care off while the owners are away at work or have to simply go out of town.
  3. Personal chef services: If you are good with your culinary skills then you can easily cook up some good profits. You can find clients in your locality or even beyond that. You can offer your services for some special occasions. You can advertise on social media or sites like Craig’s list and also spread the business through word of mouth.
  4. Tailoring services: If you have a knack for clothes and can sew and alter clothes or create new attires then you can start this business without many headaches. Just spread the message and contact some boutiques in your locality and you can start this business at your convenience.

Tailoring Service Business USA

  1. Content writing services: If you have a computer and can create engaging contents then you can start this business. You should be able to write impeccable contents which are grammatically correct, plagiarism free contents, and be able to use the keywords as per your client’s requirements. Remember to follow the instructions of the clients.
  2. Event planning: This is one of the businesses that has a lot of scope for growth. To build this business you will require a lot of footwork and need to grease your elbows. You should visit each site, to check the amenities provided by each venue. Your client should be happy with your arrangements, be it food or venue or decorations and themes. Make sure you have a good list of vendors who can provide you with the required materials and services as and when required. Make sure that you pay attention to your customer’s requirements and present it to him as per their expectations.
  3. Mystery shopping: What can be more exciting then shop till you drop and get paid for it? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Just step on to your shopping shoes and move around to test the services offered as a mystery shopper. All you need is to rate your local retail store or restaurants or other establishments which the client wants. You should have an eye to rate the establishment based on the quality of service, employee attitudes, and other parameters which your client wants and report it to your client.

If you are planning to start any business just create a plan of action and start working towards it. The list of business given here is not exhaustive you might find other business ideas which you might be comfortable with. Just remember that there are no secrets to success. It will require hard work, persistence, and the will to learn from your mistakes. That is what is necessary to make a successful businessman. So what are you waiting for? Just pick yourself up and start your journey to bring out that entrepreneur in you!

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