Why are Hair Transplants in Turkey so popular?

Hair loss can be devastating for some people, reducing self-confidence and tearing apart self-esteem. Male pattern baldness affects more than 6.5 million men in the U.K and around 70% of women over 70. Since there is no medicinal or genetic cure, many people turn to hair transplants as a way to combat the issue. The International Medical Travel Journal estimates that Turkey gets 1.1 million health and medical tourists each year, but why would people travel so far for treatment? Here are four key reasons why a hair transplant in Turkey is so popular:

Quality results at an affordable rate

Hair transplants first became popularised when footballer Wayne Rooney admitted to getting the procedure done in 2011. The stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery, especially for men, began to subside and the population began to realise the benefits of getting cosmetic procedures such as a hair transplant done. However, most people don’t have the same salary as a professional footballer so would be unable to get the procedure for themselves; a hair transplant in Turkey is a fraction of the price and is just as safe as it would be in your home country.

Hair Transplant

In-depth experience

A Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most commonly used procedure during the process; it works by transplanting each follicle from genetically stronger areas of the scalp to areas where the hair is more sparse. This technique was originally developed in Turkey, meaning that doctors and surgeons in the country have more experience with FUE than anywhere else in the world. Vera Clinic has completed thousands of procedures over a 15 years period and the skilled team of surgeons know how to artistically and accurately place hair follicles to create a natural looking hairline free from bald patches and thinning areas. An experienced team of surgeons are also better able to help patients with a specific and difficult-to-treat issue, such as alopecia, that requires more time and attention.

Exceptional customer service

In Turkey, you will be treated like a VIP guest attending a luxury event when waiting for your hair transplant. Customer comfort and happiness are a priority for any tourist hoping for a hair transplant. When you arrive at the airport, you will be met by a luxury and fully air-conditioned vehicle which will take you to a five-star hotel with all the modern facilities you could ever need. After-treatment in Turkey is exceptional and you will be given a kit containing medicines and shampoos that you can use during the recovery process.

A beautiful location to recover in

The recovery process for a hair transplant is relatively short, only lasting a few days. However, where better to spend that recovery time than in the beautiful Turkish sunshine? Turn your procedure into an epic holiday filled with Turkish cuisine and culture.

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