Digital Dynamos – What Can You Learn From Working With An Agency?

Making the decision to place your business in the hands of an agency is one that takes consideration. Digital is a channel that grows in complexity, with trends and algorithms shifting before your eyes. There is a lot to be learned by engaging a reliable digital agency, with these valuable insights offering untold advantages to your business model. Here’s what you stand to gain by taking your digital out of the house, and into an agency.

Get back to business

The beauty of hiring a digital marketing agency is that it frees up your time to get back to work. That can be reallocated to improving business operations, customer service and exploring opportunities. This is valuable learning for any business. Ever poked your head into Google Analytics and found you have lost valuable hours, without actually uncovering any insights? Take that off your plate, so you can fine-tune the other functions of your business. Digital is a channel which yields strong returns, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus as a marketing lead or business owner. Get back to that bucket list of collaborations, system upgrades and team recalibration now that your digital channels are off the agenda.

Comprehensive and measurable reporting

How often do you really dive into your reports? When you are working within a business, it can feel like you have to choose between action and analysis. The luxury of pulling, collating and interpreting reports is one that is not afforded by all. Hiring an agency will come with a full suite of reports and recommendations that will allow you to review and optimise strategy, and give you a thorough understanding of your digital performance. Not only will these reports be provided, but they will be explained thoroughly so they can be understood by all stakeholders, regardless of their marketing knowledge. Providing illuminating yet broad reporting tools is a great learning you can take from your agency.

Exposure to a specialized team

There is a lot to be learned by engaging an agency who has specialized teams and services. Chances are your internal marketing team is not large enough to have dedicated teams working across, social, PPC, strategy, web development and content. The advantage of using an agency is that you are exposed to digital leaders who operate in each of these spaces, applying their expertise and learnings on your business. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision when you are working for one business in one industry, without enough time to find innovation. Seeing how an agency manages and converts through these channels will give you take away learnings that you can put into practise if the nature of your agency inclusions change.

Consolidate marketing cost and efforts

Is your marketing budget being chewed up by competing services? As a business owner or marketing lead, your time should be spent briefing and strategizing with one account manager. Centralizing your digital activity to one reliable agency will not only consolidate your time and spend, but it will inform greater consistency across your channels and messaging that you would not be able to get from split services and agencies. If your marketing spend changes from months to quarters, having a single agency will allow you to shuffle funds from social to PPC, and vice versa.

There is a lot to learn from working with a digital agency, not the least of which will foster greater decisions and future strategies within your business. Handing over your digital responsibilities to a reliable agency will give you give you the agility to unplug from a dominating channel, and use those reclaimed hours to contribute to other functions of your business.

Richard Brock is an experienced writer who has contributed to many mainstream websites with his quality articles in consumer technology. Though he is new here, his articles are already helping tons of our daily readers to live their life better.