10 Important Infographics To Create Successful Trade Show & Exhibits

For many businesses it doesn’t bother but for those businesses who are coming to the market with innovative, crazy ideas, participating in trade shows and exhibits are important. Especially when your company (or product) is new or it needs good exposure from quality customers and sponsors, trade shows/exhibits can help you gain both. People who come to visit such trade shows are those who are actually interested to know about brands, their products, new and innovative ideas.

Many of them are big businessman who, if find your idea interesting, can help you grow with your idea by supporting you, sponsoring your product or do a healthy partnership with your brand. Hundreds of business ideas which are extremely successful now had their start with Trade Shows and Exhibits.

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So, if you are thinking about participating in next trade show, you should definitely join it but please have it understand that exposing a new product or promoting your company at a trade show can be daunting as well as expensive. Showcasing your brand in Trade Show is more than just investing money, buying a trade show display or creating a list of your promotional items.  You need to understand your customer’s pain point and shape your sales pitch to fulfill them not only with your ideas but also with visually appealing metrics, trade show space and trade show graphics.

A proper planning is important because such type of opportunities don’t come very often. We also understand it and and so, we are providing 10 Important Trade Shows & Exhibits Infographics here which will help from doing research to increasing effectiveness to tracking performance. Read them carefully and if you implement them correctly you can increase your conversion rate up to 200% in next Trade Show.

1. Things to Do Before Your Next Trade Show

Before attending a trade show, you need to your homework first. What homework? Well, try to fulfil all the points provided in this infographic. Creator: Exhibit Edge

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2. Trade Show Displays

This well-descriptive infographic created by Monster Displays is providing every important point on why, when and how a company should organize its trade show displays with important points to not down, facts, figures and statistics.

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3. How To Select/Create A Promotional Model

You’re products and ideas will not speak for themselves. Even if they are too obvious to understand by represented charts, reports and graphics, you need to have a promotional model who will attend audience and represent your product/ideas to them in much better way. And so, this below infographics is providing the anatomy of a promotional model. Go through it and you’ll able to filter out which among your team member can be a good promotional model at the trade show. Creator : TSM Agency

Trade Show Model AnatomyView in Full Size

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4. Different Mindsets of Trade Show Attendee

Trade Shows or Exhibits are not attend by only businessmen. There are students, reports, corporate people and normal crowd. All of them can directly or indirectly help you in to gain more exposure you only need to know how to drive out conversion from them and this infographic entitled The Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee is explaining all of them clearly so that you can understand them better and know how and what type of conversion to drive from them. Creator: VisionWeb

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5. Attract Attention using Promotional Product

Trade shows have become very competitive. You’re not alone, there are many companies who are trying to represent themselves best among all the similar companies. So, it’s not enough to just attract audience to your booth. You need to make strong impression and keep that impression last long in their mind. Below are some very successful promotional techniques being used by companies to achieve this. Creator : Go Promotional

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6. Important Trade Show Elements

For a perfect Trade booth, there are some essential elements which you can’t afford to miss. This below infographic is listing them down. So, understand these important Trade Show Elements and note them down as your necessary trade show setup checklist to have at the time of setting up.Creator: Nimok.com

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7. Building an Exhibit for Your Business

If you’re looking for quick facts and roadmap on why & how to participate tradeshows then this below infographic is exactly what you need. Created by National Positions, the infographics is covering everything which is important according to exhibits pov. From setting up goal to managing budget to maximize performance to track output, it includes everything.

Going to a Trade Show: Building an Exhibit for your BusinessView in Full Size

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8. How to Use Social Networking to Utilize Trade Shows

Today, people receive more news from social networks than newspaper/magazines, so shout out about the event through social network becomes very important and this below infographic is providing proper way to not only notify/promote your trade show but also to track performance and conversion along the show and after. Creator: Northwest Creative Imaging

Social Networking and Trade ShowView in Full Size

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9. Increase ROI in Trade Show

Increasing rate of investment (ROI) is important in business and showcasing yourself in trade show is not a one-time business deal or shopping event. It’s far more than that. It’s about introducing your brand and product with quality people and businesses. And, everyone want to achieve maximum result (including you of course). So here are some important tips provided through this infographics created by The Content Factory.

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10. How To Run a Winning Trade Booth

This is another smart infographic created by HALO to tell how to create a winning trade booth. It provides clear, measurable plan to guide through all three phases — pre-show, trade show and post-show. Have a look.

Everything To Do in Trade ShowView in Full Size

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 So, we have provide enough points to prepare if you are going to participate into trade-show and represent your company but we also understand that you need some success stories,  successful experiments businesses have done. So we recommend you to read these 25 inventive trade show ideas which were very successful in past trade show events.

And, if your company is new then you should read our article on free tools to boost your brand’s exposure which includes important set of tools which will help you to gain more popularity, customer’s engagement, sales for your brand.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.