DraftKings Vs. FanDuel: Which Sportsbook Is Better?

Both DraftKings and FanDuel have been dominating the sports betting scene for years, and for good reason.

With their sleek interfaces, extensive betting options, and competitive odds, these two heavyweights have amassed a loyal following of sports bettors.

But which one is truly better? Is it the OG FanDuel, with its roots in daily fantasy sports, or the upstart DraftKings, which has rapidly expanded into the sports betting arena?

It’s time to take a closer look at both of these sportsbooks and determine which one truly deserves the crown of the best sports betting app around.

DraftKings vs FanDuel – Features Comparison

DraftKings Vs. FanDuel

User Interface

When it comes to sports betting, simplicity is essential. DraftKings and FanDuel both have sleek and user-friendly interfaces that make it simple to navigate through various betting possibilities.

Nonetheless, DraftKings takes the lead with its user-friendly structure and simple bet slip, allowing for rapid and seamless betting that looks simple even for beginners.

Bonuses and Promotions

In the world of sports betting, bonuses and promotions can make a big difference in your overall winnings. Both DraftKings and FanDuel offer various sign-up bonuses and ongoing promotions, such as free bets and boosted odds.

However, DraftKings tends to offer more frequent and higher-value promotions, making them the better choice for bonus hunters.

Betting Options

Variety is essential in sports betting. DraftKings and FanDuel both provide a diverse selection of betting choices, ranging from traditional point spreads and moneylines to exotic prop bets and futures.

DraftKings, on the other hand, takes the lead with its innovative betting alternatives, such as live in-game betting and pool betting, which adds another layer of excitement to the betting experience.

Odds and Payouts

Now the important question is: which sportsbook has higher payouts?

Determining the payouts is one of the first steps you need to take before choosing a sportsbook. Some betting companies give higher odds than others meaning that you’d earn more money in the long run.

Even though the difference is very small, every dollar counts, right?

When it comes to sports betting, odds and payouts are everything. Both DraftKings and FanDuel provide competitive odds and payouts, with minor differences depending on the sport and betting option.

DraftKings, on the other hand, has slightly better odds and greater rewards, making it the best pick for individuals trying to maximize their wins.

Customer Support

Customer support is critical in the realm of sports betting. You wouldn’t want to choose a sportsbook that cannot help you when you run into a problem.

Fortunately, both DraftKings and FanDuel provide round-the-clock customer service by phone, email, and live chat. DraftKings, on the other hand, takes the lead with its experienced and responsive customer support crew, which is always ready to help with any queries or issues that may occur.

Both companies have also a casino with blackjack, poker, roulette, slots and more. And if you are wondering: is FanDuel casino legit? Yes it is and DraftKings casino is also legit. You can enjoy some quality games on their websites and apps.

VIP Programs

Rewards for the High Rollers For frequent and high-rolling bettors, VIP programs can provide significant rewards and benefits.

Both DraftKings and FanDuel offer VIP programs that allow users to earn points and climb tiers for exclusive rewards such as cashback, free bets, and personalized customer support.

However, DraftKings’ VIP program tends to offer more valuable rewards and faster point accumulation, making them the better choice for VIP bettors.


So, which sportsbook is better – DraftKings or FanDuel? Well, it ultimately depends on your individual betting preferences and priorities.

Both sportsbooks offer a top-notch betting experience, but DraftKings tends to edge out FanDuel in terms of user interface, bonuses and promotions, innovative betting options, and customer support.

However, you won’t feel much a difference in terms of betting options and odds when you compare these two sportsbooks. This means that the choice comes down to personal preference.

Regardless of which one you choose, always remember to bet responsibly and have fun!

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