How much does it cost to place your first bet?

Bets on sports can be made in pre-match or live in, it all depends on whether the user will have access to a live broadcast and how confident he is in the result on which he plans to bet the deposit funds. How much the user will have to spend on his first bet also depends on the choice of mode.

But no matter what the recommendations of these or other bettors or BC advice are, you still need to bet as much as the user does not mind losing. Returning the money that was lost is an impossible mission, because it is always easier to focus on winning than on returning lost funds. And you need to remember that betting is online gambling entertainment, where you can both lose and win money, but it is not a way of making money on the Internet.

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Minimum bet on sports

  • Information on the minimum bet on sports is available on the website of any BC. It is really about small amounts that are available to the user, regardless of his wealth and financial capabilities. You can start the game with UAH 20, but this amount is not the same on all bookmaker websites.
  • The size of the minimum bet can vary from UAH 20 to UAH 100. But there may be promotional offers or free bets from BC, so you need to follow BC news in order to choose a really convenient offer for a new user or a bettor with experience betting on various sports.

Sports betting strategies

Bettors with experience betting on sports are no longer focused on the size of the minimum or maximum bet, Ordinary or System coupons (bets on one result or several at once). The amount of the first bet depends on which game strategy the user uses. There are quite a few game strategies, but there are those that have been heard in the betting community for years.

A strategy called the Fork can be used, and some BCs successfully block any attempts by players to test this strategy in real play. The peculiarity of this strategy is that the user must bet on two opposite results at the same time. So he wins anyway unless there is some third option. To get some profit in this strategy, you should not start with the minimum bet, that is obvious.

However, a pleasant bonus is that you can receive a fairly decent amount as a win, which cannot but inspire. There is only one drawback – that for using such a strategy, BC may deprive the user of certain bonuses, such as lowering the limits. Should I use forks? It all depends on the skill of the user, and how strict are the rules for placing bets on sports on the BC website.

In addition to Fork, there is another no less popular sports betting strategy – Catching Up. In this strategy, the minimum bid is not the solution. After all, you need to increase the size of the bet every time until the user manages to return all the money with a profit. The easiest is to constantly double the amount to win.

There is a significant drawback – sooner or later there may not be enough money to double the next amount. Therefore, this strategy is not suitable for all players, but only for those bettors who are ready to spend a considerable amount, risking all this money.

If Catching up is not the best option, you can stop at Martingale. This time, the user doubles the amount of the bet if he wins, and returns to the original bet if he loses. However, there is an incessant movement forward, and it is not worth stopping at what has been achieved either. Again, you need to prepare for significant expenses.

Less risky is the strategy known as D’alembert. The user increases the bet by 1 conditional unit if he wins and decreases by 1 conditional unit if he loses. With the D’alembert strategy, it is much easier to manage your bankroll than with the Catch-up strategy. You can start with a minimum bid. But, again, the bettor does not know for sure when it will be possible to return all the money with interest. This strategy is no less expensive than other strategies, although it is not as risky.

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