Why Driver Booster 8 is A Must-Have for A Healthy Windows PC?

Do you know when most PCs are rendered useless? No, it’s not when its hardware components and peripherals stop working. It’s then when it stops support them due to outdated driver or unsupported driver version. All the component of your PC or Laptop including Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad, Speakers, Mic, Camera, Hard Disk, DVD Drive, USB Port, Audio Jack, WiFi Card, Printer, Scanner, Face ID, Touch ID, Gaming components, etc. require your PC to have supported drivers available in order for them to work properly.

So, if you don’t have the latest driver installed, these components will not work properly. And, many times, they don’t even work at all. This is the major reason behind a laptop or PC slowly losing control over its components and at some point, become inaccessible. However, if you have Driver Booster 8 installed, your PC can be saved from this fate!

IOBit Driver Booster

What is Driver Booster 8?

Driver Booster 8 is an important software developed by IObit whose main process is to look over all the drivers available in your PC, update it to its latest version and fix any issue that appears with any of your driver that makes the connection between hardware and your PC laggy, incompatible, unreachable or totally undetectable.

Unlike your PC software whose updates are very easy and straightforward, updating drivers is a tricky process. It doesn’t always have a stable release or official OTA update announcements. Neither it comes with an installation wizard, nor it gets installed like a software.

To install a driver, you need to update it through system, either by searching it on your PC or online through many sources and there is always risk that the latest driver update might be incompatible with your device so, you need to have backup of your driver and ability to rollback driver changes.

Outdated Drivers Update - Driver Booster

All of this is very technical but at the same time, equally important to enjoy the latest features & best performance from your device. Here, Driver Booster 8 comes to your rescue by provide a safe way to update your drivers to their latest version either automatically or manually, either online or offline.

Top Features of Driver Booster 8

Lets check out the most important features of Driver Booster 8 that makes this software a must-have for good health of any Windows PC.

1-Click Scan & Update

Driver Booster 8 lets you scan all the drivers available in your device for errors, issues & updates in just one click. It scans for Display drivers, Sound Drivers, Network Drivers, Disk I/O drivers, peripheral drivers, graphic card drivers, Non-plug and play drivers and much more. It tells you which of those drivers have any issue and allows you to fix it with one click and also provide link to update if a newer & stable version of your current driver is available.

Finally, when you’ve fixed all your drivers issue, Driver Booster 8 will show you summary of your action and current status of drivers available in your PC like this.

Speed Booster

Driver Booster 8 comes with a proprietary Gaming Boost feature which can boost performance of all those modules which are required to provide the best gaming performance by managing system resources accordingly.

You also have a smart System Optimize feature which improves overall PC performance by deleting junk files, cleaning cache and free up system resources like RAM and CPU for your current work.

Tools Section

At Driver Booster 8 Tools panel, you’ll find most important tools to quickly fix major issues such as network failure, no sound, bad resolution, device errors. You also have tools to backup & restore drivers, update drivers online, check system information and much more.

Settings & Configurations

In the Settings pane, you can schedule automatic scan & update of your drivers, manage scan priority to choose whether to install latest driver update as soon as available or only the most stable one, you can also select to install only Microsoft WHQL test passed drivers, ignore certain drivers, update drivers on background and much more.

Scan Priority - Driver Booster


Available for both free as well as paid version, Driver Booster 8 is one of the most essential software for your Windows PC to keep your PC compatible with all your peripherals and drivers for the longest time. It also helps in troubleshooting driver issues either its about problematic driver functions or incompatible updates.

Paid version has many other important features to manage and troubleshoot driver-related problems. So, if you’re a power user – gamer, video editor or computer operator, you should seriously consider getting premium version of Driver Booster 8.

Whatever version you decide, download Driver Booster 8 for your Windows PC from the official website and see for yourself how much it improves PC performance for you.

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