iTop VPN: Free Windows VPN to Unblock Sites & Browse Anonymously

VPNs have become a necessary part of our daily Internet life. It protects our identify by blocking trackers and anonymizing IP address which is itself a major security against all the marketing trackers, government and social media services that want to know our location and activity so that they can benefit off of it, but, the feature is not limited to just that.

VPN lets us unblock websites, videos & many services which are either blocked by our ISP, government or the service owner for our geolocation or accessible to users of only some locations. I personally use VPN to browse HULU which is exclusively available for the USA, block ad trackers and browse torrent sites regularly.

I use free VPNs but those that were available for free till now have turned into garbage. You might also have noted that these free VPNs have painfully slow servers, are easily identifiable & they don’t work most of the time. Recently, I started using iTop VPN. It offers free VPN for Windows which is at par with even the premium VPN services available out there. I was amazed to see my internet giving 85 Mbps speed with just iTop VPN free servers which stay around 85 to 91 Mbps without any VPN.

iTop VPN : Why you should try it?

I have been using iTop VPN from one and half month now and as I use this free VPN service more and more I realized lots of cool & very important features that are not available with other free alternatives available for Windows.

Fast VPN servers

iTop VPN is a popular VPN service which is used by individuals and companies alike. This service is especially popular among gamers and streaming services users due to its almost no-lag internet accessibility.

The service has over 1000 servers spread around 100+ countries to make sure and, for each location, multiple servers are available. This makes sure, you’ll always get low-ping due to the nearest, fastest, and least crowded server.

Military-grade Privacy

iTop VPN service is extra concerned about its customers’ privacy. When you enable this VPN, it encrypts your data to keep all your internet activities in a secure tunnel so that no attacker, marketing agency, or government can spy on your data or steal it for their personal gains.

Moreover, the service itself won’t store your data on it’s servers also which actually removes your personalization but actually keep you identity extra safe & secure my deleting your traces.

Special Social VPN Servers

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. go to extra lengths to track you for advertisements. Most of free & premium VPN won’t work there to anonymize your location or protect privacy but iTop VPN has created special social VPN servers which are totally effective against social media tracking.

So, if you want to browse social media sites while protecting your identify without risking your social media account then these social-proof VPN servers from iTop VPN are a must.

Free VPN Servers

iTop VPN has the best free VPN servers which are always available and working at their top speed. There are multiple free VPN Servers available for USA or World. They work as efficiently as premium servers and have all the protection & safety that comes with VIP servers.

Multiple Platform Support

This VPN service is available for Windows, Android as well as iOS devices. You can use iTop VPN on up to 5 devices at the same time which are more than enough for individuals. So, whether you want to use this VPN on your Windows PC, Windows Laptop, Android Phone, Android Tablet or your iPhone separately or simultaneously, iTop VPN got you covered.

More Reasons to love iTop VPN

I’ve been using iTop VPN for PUBG, popular streaming services, and social media. I’ve downloaded several movies using this VPN service. The supreme anonymity, unlimited bandwidth & strongest protection that iTop VPN provides is just unmatched. Amazing features like Kill Switch, Load on Startup, Secure protocols make it extra sure that you stay untrackable all the time.

So, I can confidently say grab this free VPN for PC if you really want to unblock websites, streaming content and protect your identity online but you have tight hands. The free plan gives more than enough free VPN servers to start with and, whenever you’re in need, you can upgrade to iTop VPN premium plans which unlocks access to 1000+ servers on its 100+ locations for you.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.