How To Earn Experience Points In Valorant (The Easy Way)

Riot Games has come with a brilliant first-person shooter game, Valorant, in June 2020. The free-to-play competitive game allows you to play with teams of five or less, bringing the team spirit alive. In the game, there are matches with multiple rounds, and the team wins 13 rounds- comes out as the winner of the match. Want to use some hacks for the consistent win in Valorant? Then check them out here. 

Just like in other multiplayer games like Overwatch, players can play as particular characters in the timed rounds. Therefore, like most other competitive online games, players get to earn experience points via contracts, matches, and missions. With these points, they get to unlock various characters, earn cosmetics besides accessing new opportunities inside the game.


You also unlock bonuses (cards, titles, sprays) that are available all throughout the game. However, if you don’t know how to speed up the process of earning experience points, it will take a long time. So, here’s a guide to earning experience points in a fast and easy way: 

Focus on Daily and Weekly Tasks

Even before you start your journey in Valorant, you should take some moments to get familiarized with the Daily and Weekly missions. After all, these tasks will fetch you the experienced points faster and in a huge amount. For a reason, you have to pay extra attention to the game.

What Are These Tasks?

The daily missions of Valorant for each player get selected from a pool of specific tasks. Each player gets random tasks from the task pool. Therefore, when you play with your teammates, each one may get different assignments to achieve. Here are available daily and weekly tasks in Valorant: 

  • Purchasing a particular amount of armour (mostly 20)
  • Using Ultimate ability many times (mostly 5)
  • Purchasing of a particular amount of weapons (mostly 20)
  • Disarming or planting spikes (mostly 5 times)
  • Collection of the orb which adds 1 point to your Ultimate ability
  • Headshots (mostly 5)
  • Killing a person with an opponent’s gun
  • Using character skills a particular amount of times.
  • Scoring your first skill of the round
  • Purchasing a particular amount of skill charges (mostly 20)
  • Cause a certain damage amount
  • Playing a particular number of matches
  • Kill an opponent when your ally is disarming or planting a spike

Many of the daily missions are a lot easier to complete and can be achieved within a single playthrough. Purchasing armour or weapons are among the easiest tasks. However, missions like using your Ultimate ability 5 times can be difficult to perform. You will need to play two matches to finish the mission. When it comes to involvement, weekly missions are a lot more engaging. For instance, a player may have to use its character’s abilities as much as 200 times or inflict 25,000 points of damage. However, you receive more experience for involvement. 

There is a catch. The weekly missions stay active forever in Valorant, unlike the daily missions. So, players can take all their time to complete the tasks at their own pace. However, even if you finish the weekly tasks early, you won’t get any more tasks until the next week.

Completion of Contracts

In Valorant, there are two types of contracts- Agent and Battle Pass. When you finish the ten tiers of your onboarding pass and unlock two Agents, you will receive Agent contracts. Using an Agent contract, unlock more Agents and cosmetics. However, you have to start the contract to unlock an Agent. In the process, you will earn experience points via missions and matches. 

For earning cosmetics in the game, the Battle Pass contract is the go-to option for the players. Besides earning experience points, the players earn sprays, weapon skins, Titles, Radianite Points, Title Cards, and Gun Buddies.

Experience Points

The main path of gaining your experience points in Valorant is playing matches. When players win or complete a round, they earn a great number of experience points. After each match finishes, the player receives an accurate summary of how many experience points they have earned. 

For instance, the scoreboard shows that a match ended with a 14:7 score, and the player gained 15,150 experience points! The total experience points consist of points for each round played, each round wins, and one daily and weekly mission completion. So, the breakdown is: 

  • 2,100 XP for each round played – Each round provides 100 XP
  • 2,800 XP for round wins – Each round of winning provides 200 XP
  • Completion of one daily and one weekly mission gives 10,250 XP

This is just an example, and the final score will vary based on the winning or losing of the entire match. It is possible to earn more experience points when your team wins the majority of the rounds in each match.

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