Equalweb vs. Userway: What is Best to Increase Web Accessibility for Disabled People?

Before we start comparing Equalweb and Userway it is important we define what they actually are. If by now you have not heard what digital accessibility solutions are, don’t worry, you are about to find out. They are tools that help create and adjust website content so that it is accessible to a broader audience, including people with different types of limitations and disabilities.

The digital accessibility industry grows more and more every day offering new and innovative tools to achieve full compliance with web accessibility regulations. Equalweb and Userway are some of the best options currently available on the market. However, even though they both are digital accessibility solutions they differentiate in many key elements.

So, if you want to learn more about what they do and the services they provide, continue to read the article below.

If you are interested in third party evaluation, you can visit hostadvice and find reviews of Equalweb as well as Userway. Once you read this article and the reviews, you will get a pretty good idea of digital accessibility solutions and their purpose.

Web accessibility website design

Interface and features

The key difference between these two tools is their basic purpose.  EqualWeb aims to provide a web accessibility overlay to help people with disabilities access digital information easier. On the other hand, UserWay is a web accessibility overlay for websites that improves compliance with accessibility standards. The Userway’s Interface addresses accessibility requirements that are associated with UI, design, and readability. The interface allows users to customize their website according to their particular needs.

Userway provides two key features which are Accessibility Audit and Accessibility Widget. Meanwhile, Equalweb uses a customizable interface with over 20 features for people with disabilities. Equalweb uses AI and machine learning algorithms providing two features: Accessibility Checker and a Pop-up toolbar.

Compatibility and Installation

The installation process for Equalweb is very simple and suitable for first-timers. It does not require much work usually, all you have to do is install one line of code on your website and yhe job is done. The same goes for Userway you can install it by adding the code or by adding and activating it on WordPress. Both services offer excellent customer support, so even if you cannot install it on your own, you can ask their team of experts for help. Equalweb and Userway are highly compatible with almost every content management system you can imagine. They can support every CMS that allows to insertion of code.

Platform and Support

Both platforms provide great customer support, EqualWeb offers 24/7 customer support available through email addresses, phone, and contact forms. The same goes for Userway, customer support is available via live chats, email,  plus a wide range of how-to tutorials. Both customer support teams are very responsive and do not take a lot of time to reply.


The prices for this these two services are quite different. With a more reasonable label comes Equalweb, with prices starting from $39/month for 100 pages/10,000 monthly visits. Their prices depend on the number of website pages and the monthly web visits. Equalweb also offers a free version and a free trial run period. Userway offers a few monthly plans starting from $49 a month for 1 site and 100k pageviews, and going up to $329 a month for their business plan that comes with 1 site and 10m pageviews. User way has a 10-day free trial period.


This article has the purpose to introduce you to digital acessibility solutions and give you a brief overview of two very popular choices, Equalweb and Userway. If you are considering to make your website more user friendly for people with disabilities, we sugest you take a look at these two compaies and see which one suits you better.

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