Fantasy Betting vs Real Betting – What to Choose?

This is an exciting time for sports lovers, and much more so for those who enjoy gambling. Sports betting is expanding in India as more licensed bookies, like 24betting, go online.

The amount of people that participate in real sports betting or fantasy sports betting is absolutely astounding. When all sorts of sports betting are included, the estimate for sports betting is considerably over 100 million. Daily fantasy sports have a population of roughly 50 million people.

So, which of the two possibilities is preferable? Which has the most potential for profit? Is there an obvious benefit for one over the other? Should you just shrug it off and play both? Let’s go right to the point and address these questions right now.

What is Fantasy Betting? 

Fantasy Betting is an online skill game in which a participant assembles a virtual team that earns points based on data from a certain sport. At the start of the season (or game), you assemble a team of players using a certain budget.

What began as a specialty search for small businesses has grown into a major enterprise, with large corporations leading the way. DraftKings has surpassed Dream11 in terms of customers and prize monies, while Dream11 has firmly established itself as the market leader in India. Fantasy bets are classified into two types:

  • Traditional fantasy sports betting competitions, such as Supercoach (for AFL and NRL), encourage players to form a team within a salary cap at the start of the season. As the season unfolds, your fantasy league’s performance of your chosen players is graded, and the champions are declared at the end of the season.
  • Daily fantasy sports betting takes a similar idea, except instead of playing throughout the season, you can select players you believe will do well during a single round.

You select a mix of top players and newcomers. Throughout the season, you will be granted points based on the performance of each member of your squad. Your club, like the other teams in the league, plays in a fantasy betting game with others.

Fantasy Betting vs Real Betting: Head to Head

The table below is compiled for a visual comparison of the two disciplines by a number of factors:

Factor Real Betting Fantasy Betting
Playing field You vs. the sportsbook. It might be as basic as head-to-head, or it can be considerably more complex for GPPs and other tournaments.
Results based on Team-based, but also player-based through props and individual sports. Performance of individual player.
Profitability potential It takes time to create regular profits, and it might be a struggle. Big scores are conceivable with parlays and other bet types, but most returns are lower. Varies. It is possible to get regular profits on 50/50s and other games, but landing high finishes in GPP is difficult and far from certain.
Level of competition Very difficult. Sportsbook oddsmakers are quite talented. High. GPPs have a large user base, and other game types can be populated with pros.
Research/Handicapping Because you’re concerned with overall performance rather than fantasy points, it’s a little more simple. It might be time-consuming, but there are tools available to help.

Understanding the distinctions and similarities between fantasy betting and sports betting will help you make a far more informed choice between the two, but you will also discover that both have a place in your overall strategy.

Fantasy Betting vs Real Betting: Verdict

Fantasy betting and sports betting at 24bet are two extremely popular methods to get even closer to the events you love. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to earn along the route.

While you may have a preference between these two solutions, the truth is that they have many similarities. As a result, it may make sense to incorporate both in your total wagering strategy.

In fact, when conducting research for both, you may come across material that you would have missed if you had just concentrated on one. This simply adds to the value of the time spent researching and jamming.

Fantasy betting and sports betting are both distinct methods for the same goal, but they are also closely linked.

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