Find Subdomains Quickly With This Neat Tool 

Subdomains can reveal interesting information about a company: features in development, new versions of websites, and other distinct details hidden in plain sight. Cybersecurity specialists, system admins, and pentesters frequently use find subdomain tools to maintain their network infrastructures and study networks of others.

However, the command-line methods of finding subdomains have aged quite badly. They give extensive data which can look pretty messy and be a headache to deal with.

But Finding subdomains doesn’t have to be a backbreaker. Spyse aims to simplify such complicated procedures, giving “normal” people the ability to maintain their network security without learning all the technical jazz that comes with it. Today we’ll dive into FindSubdomains, one of the many online tools making security experts’ lives easier.

Who Can Benefit From This Tool

FindSubdomains is a flexible tool, lending itself to various uses. Together with Spyse’s other tools (mentioned towards the end), it will help monitor your network’s security and prevent hacker attacks. Here’s what your security team can do with FindSubdomains:

Security Engineers

Subdomains are an easy target for attackers; they’re frequently exposed to vulnerabilities. This tool places security engineers a step ahead of attackers, allowing them to identify gaps and weaknesses way before they’re exploited.


In addition to quick security scanning, pentesters can monitor endpoints for vulnerability. The tool allows for testing all subdomains: those in the development environment, technical domains available to the public eye, and so on.

System Administrators

Sysadmins can use FindSubdomains in unison with other Spyse tools to get a panoramic view of their organization’s infrastructure. The Spyse toolbox overall improves the workflow and efficiency of system administrators.

Business Analysts

Analysts can freely explore subdomains of other organizations and obtain useful analytical information. Evaluating competitors, monitoring changes and developments, seeing new features pre-launch can all be accomplished easily with FindSubdomains. It’s a sandbox tool for any analyst.

The Full Range of Spyse Services

Subdomain lookup is cool and the gang, but it’s not all that Spyse has to offer. These tools are put together in a single search engine which allows for panoramic monitoring of all aspects of your network infrastructure. The tools are currently functioning in beta mode to allow for user feedback and improvement. Here they are:

  • CertDB – simple tool for SSL/TLS lookup; provides info on certificate expiration date, certificate issuer, and everything else you need to know;
  • DNSlookup – a tool which allows to perform DNS lookup and locate all DNS records;
  • FindSubdomains – the tool we’ve discussed in this article;
  • PortMap – explore and monitor open ports, map and protect network perimeters with this simple port checker;
  • ParseIP – a tool which allows for parsing any text or image for IPs and domains hidden inside;
  • ASlookup – this tool allows for exploring autonomous systems and subnets of any company in the world.

Having this toolbox under your belt with significantly increase the efficiency of your security experts. These tools use filters and intuitive UI to make mass data extraction as simple as a mobile game.

You can try Spyse for free; they give away 3 credits to newly registered users and one complimentary credit per month.

Stay safe on the web.

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