Top 10 Halloween Movies to Watch in 2020

Halloween movies are a concept that is a must for all of us as October draws closer. There are going to be so many nights when you will be putting lights off, sitting on the couch with a bowl of delicious snacks, and watching movies with your family. But Uh-Oh, the problem you face is which new movie to binge on, as you don’t want to keep watching the same movie on every Halloween. This is why here is a list of Halloween movies that you can watch in 2020. 

Let us start with the exciting and spine-chilling platter of movies for you:

1. Fractured

fractured netflix 2020

While cross-country driving, Ray, his wife, and daughter stop their car at a rest area on the highway. During this, his daughter falls and breaks her arm. Ray is eventually able to get her to a doctor after a chaotic drive to the hospital, where he also fights with the check-in nurse. As the daughter and wife go downstairs for an MRI, Ray passes out in a lobby chair as he is tired. However, here comes the twist: as he wakes up, there is no knowledge with the doctors of his family ever getting checked in.

2. The Invisible Man

Can you imagine something that can hurt you but is not visible to you? Cecilia is in a relationship with a wealthy scientist who abuses her. One day in the darkness of night, she plans to escape from him and goes into hiding. However, when her ex-boyfriend suddenly dies, Cecilia thinks that it is a hoax. Eventually, Cecilia’s health begins to collapse when a string of disturbing and deadly incidents happen to her, which risks the lives of everyone she loves. Amidst, she is constantly trying to prove that someone you cannot see is chasing her to hurt her.

invisible man netflix 2020

3. Scream

Sidney Prescott and her peers begin to receive some unusual phone calls a year after her mom dies. They later discovered that the calls came from a psychotic serial killer searching for vengeance in a white-faced mask and a big black cape. Usually, his calls and texts consist of several questions, but the main one is always ‘What’s your favorite scary film?’. 

Along with many scary movie trivia, the tiny town of Woodsboro ends with bloody bits of innocent life scattered everywhere.

Scream Season 4

4. Eli

Eleven-year-old body Eli is suffering from an autoimmune disorder for which he is being treated in an isolated rehab facility that his parents got him admitted. This isolated creepy home has been converted into a medical facility by mysterious Dr. Horn. She convinces his parents that Eli will be saved. The medical treatments provided by her were brutal and bizarre. What exactly Dr. Horn is doing to Eli is just one reason why the movie has its name as Eli. Let us now see if or not she succeeds.

Eli Netflix 2020

5. Super Monsters Save Halloween

If you are taking your kids along with you for the Halloween movie session, then the Super Monsters save Halloween is the best choice. They use their powers to get their entire neighborhood instilled with the Halloween spirit. Their motive for doing so is to help one of their friends to know that Halloween is nothing to be scared of. Show this movie to your little ones and make their Halloween fun. The characters describe the secrets behind horror houses and spooky lights to no longer look so horrific.

Super Monsters The New Class

6. A Quiet Place

Quiet place is one of those movies that makes you feel nervous and not talk about a word after seeing it. The biggest draw of this movie is to show you a modern version of a post-apocalyptic future. In this thriller, a small family starts living in silence to avoid the mysterious creatures that can hunt when by sound. In the end, they also end up killing the creature and are ready to fight more. It surely is a must-see for you on Halloween to know what actual fear of death is.

A Quite Place

7. Paranormal Activity

It will not be right if we don’t add a classic supernatural movie to the list. Paranormal Activity is one of those scary movies that will leave you looking at your bedroom door or the shadows that draw upon the walls at night. Having a demonic house guest takes this paranormal horror movie to a new and realistic level!

Paranormal Activity Netflix

8. Truth or Dare

Choosing the truth or dare is not a fun game in this haunted home, but it is a matter of life and death. When someone or something decides to punish all those who tell a lie or refuse to do so is given to them, things go scary, and the game becomes dangerous.

Truth or Dare Netflix

9. It comes at Night

A family is moving to an isolated cabin in the woods after a deadly epidemic. During this, a father, along with his son and wife, shows up to get shelter. Paranoia and fear boil over as the monsters beyond crawl nearer, against the best intentions of both families. This stirs the secret and monstrous inside the father as he discovers that his family’s safety comes at the expense of his soul.

It Comes at Night

10. House of the Witch

This movie by Alex Merkin is based on a group of teens who are looking for a place to party on Halloween night. They find an abandoned mansion for their party, but the climax is when they come to know that there is a witch in the house who will not be happy unless all of them are dead. In the end, you will witness how the witch successfully kills everyone and takes a human body to be in the outer world.

The House of the Witch

So, this was our list of Halloween movies for the year 2020, and we hope that now you are ready for October nights with family and movies. Whether you are a freakish fan of horror movies or prefer watching thrillers, these above-listed movies will serve the purpose. Happy Binge-Watching these awesome horror movies on Netflix this Halloween!

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