Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

There is nothing dramatic in saying that long hours of sitting day after day can kill you. This is according to numerous studies recently published. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for your health, and the longer you spend sitting each day, the more abdominal fat you’ll have to contend with. Visceral fat predisposes us to illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. The very least you can do for yourself is get a decent chair. You’ll want a chair that keeps you alert and which promotes sitting in a healthy way so that your blood circulates better and there is no distracting discomfort.

In this comprehensive review, we look at the Herman Miller Embody Chair, often considered the pinnacle of ergonomic office chairs.

Who is Herman Miller?

They’re an American manufacturer of office furniture and equipment. They’re based in Zeeland, Michigan. This is a company consistently recognized as one of Fortune magazine’s ‘Most Admired Companies’. Most of their products are designed to be ecologically sound. They have a large selection of ergonomically designed chairs which suit different functions. These chairs, attractive to look at, offer comfort, safety and durability, enabling you to be more productive.

What is the Embody Chair from Herman Miller?

  • This award-winning chair which helps you achieve postural equilibrium, designed by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf. These designers realise that design has become more technology based. They have themselves sat in chairs for long periods in front of computers, and can identify with the problems people endure with sitting for hours.
  • The designers tell us that every part of the chair has been designed to serve a specific, healthful purpose. They say that you will actually feel the chair’s Pixelated Support as soon as you sit down so that you get a sense of floating, while being perfectly balanced.
  • More than 20 physicians as well as PhDs in the fields of physical therapy, ergonomics, biomechanics and vision have included their expertise for the development of this chair.
  • Adjustable lumbar support for people who suffer from lower back pain.
  • You can customize the chair to your liking. You can adjust the seat height, arm height and the back to suit you.
  • The chair’s back has been designed to mimic the human back. The back of the chair has been designed around a narrow vertical central spine. This has been attached to flexors which move with your back while providing full support.
  • With the Backfit adjustment you can position the backrest in line with your spine’s own curve. This means you get a neutral, balanced posture. The backrest adapts to your movements and then adjusts to the way you shift around.
  • The Embody chair caters for everybody, regardless of size and shape.
  • The Embody is free of foam padding or mesh. The seat pad is built up from 4 layers of support and covering. The bottom layer has plastic bands designed to provide suspension. The second layer with coils provides support. The third layer of hexagonal rings balances your weight when you move and the top layer is a mesh design that allows airflow. The seat has been designed to fight restricted blood circulation.
  • The arms of the chair can be adjusted.
  • The chair is made of non-toxic sustainable materials, and a good part of the chair is actually recycled.
  • Embody comes in several different color varieties to suit your office environment.

Many Herman Miller users extrol the Embody Chair in helping them deal with chronic issues such as back pain, due to the excellent lumbar support and curved back. If you suffer from back pain, an excellent chair in addition to certain types of exercises and yoga can be your ticket out of pain.

How to Make Certain your Chair is Authentic

You can be sure your Herman Miller chair is authentic by checking for these signs –
Herman Miller’s classic designs come with a certificate of authenticity. You may also want to check on the underside of the seat as it may have a label attached to it which identifies it as a Herman Miller product.


Warranty covers a 12 years parts warranty. The warranty covers the function of the chair and not for general wear and tear.


  • Recyclable
  • Many adjustable features
  • Very ergonomic chair with emphasis on spinal health
  • Good air circulation and thermal performance with your back resting on a porous fabric and the plastic backrest having ventilation slits.


  • Narrow backrest may not suit everyone
  • Very expensive
  • Many people prefer a simpler chair with less features and less things to go wrong. If things do however go wrong with your chair, you can buy replacement parts such as arm-pads, wheel casters etc. Replacement parts can also be bought through an authorized dealer.

Where are these Chairs Available?

You can visit Herman’s official site or authorized dealers. The chairs can also be purchased beyond USA borders. Herman Miller has a subsidiary, Design Within Reach, and they operate retail stores in Toronto and Mexico City. They sell and ship their chairs to Canada from its online store. Also, Herman Miller has a global network of authorized dealers, suggesting you use their Global Dealer Locator to find a store near you.

Alternatives to The Herman Miller Embody?

If you’re looking for the absolute best ergonomic chair that supports your body properly and will last for years, it’s hard to beat the Embody. Having said that, its hefty price tag (around $1,000) may simply be out of reach for many people.

The Eurotech Ergohuman and Argomax Mesh are two good alternatives in the mid and lower budget range. One of our favorite reviews site ErgonomicTrends.com has detailed reviews of these office chairs.


It is true that people have varying opinions about what they want in an office chair, and any review therefore is just a guide. One thing is sure, with more people working from home than ever, the office isn’t only a business place but its used for entertainment too. The office chair has to be flexible and comfortable, and this Embody Chair by Herman Miller represents comfort, health and innovation.

This comfy chair is sure to satisfy the need of any office worker or gamer and has won many awards to back up its claims of providing amazing support for your back. It enables better blood circulation and you’re more alert and more productive. It’s biggest drawback it that it is just way too expensive.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.