Hidden Gems of Wondershare UniConverter

If you have used or come across Wondershare UniConverter software then you must be well aware of the major features of the software which include video conversion, video download, video editing, DVD burning, and video transfer. To your surprise, besides these main functions, the Wondershare UniConverter is capable of much more as there are some additional wonderful features supported by the tool which we can say as hidden gems. A quick peek into the main and other features can be checked through an interesting video at the link: https://youtu.be/h4QPxO7rvLI.

More in detail about the hidden gems and other features are enlisted below.

Interesting and less known features of Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare works as a great video-toolbox and supports a complete set of optimized tools that are useful and handy in several situations. Below described are some of these features of the software.


Video Compression

The need for video compression arises in multiple situations when your large size files become difficult to store and also share over emails and social media networks. The software here works as a great savior as it allows reducing the file size by compressing it and that too without losing quality. Almost all popular formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, M4V, and others are supported by the tool for the compression purpose.

The files can be compressed by editing the file quality, resolution, bit rate, as well as format. If you do not want to manually edit these parameters, the software also has an option where you can choose the compression percentage in comparison to the original file and the parameters will change according. Option for file preview before the actual compression is also available.

Casting videos to TV

If you want to enjoy your favorite videos on your big size HD TV, Wondershare allows casting feature. You can import the videos to the software interface and connect your TV set. The added files can be enjoyed seamlessly on the TV as well as on the devices that are DLNA/UPnP supported.

Fix Metadata

Metadata is an important set of information for any video file like its type, language, and others. So if you have videos that have incomplete information or for which you want to edit the metadata manually, Wondershare will help to get the task done. The videos in MP4, MOV, and many other formats can be added to the interface for the process. Once added, information pertaining to type of video, language, episode name, director, actor, screenwriter, tagline, release date, genre, and content rating can be added or edited. You can also add a description or comments to the video.

Image Conversion

The Wondershare software in addition to video and audio also supports image conversion. The supported output formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. Batch processing allows converting multiple files at a time. You can even change the size as well as the quality of the output image if required.

Create GIF

GIF is an interesting animation that can be used to make your project, text, or other content look interesting. Using the GIF Maker function of the software you can create an interesting animation from your local video or an image file. The process of GIF creation is simple and quick where you just need to load the file, choose the start and the start time, and select output size and the frame rate. The processed GIF animation can be saved locally to be used as needed.

VR Conversion

Virtual reality is a lot in use these days. So if you too have VR supported devices, you can convert your normal videos to VR format using the software. The devices to which the software can convert the videos include HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR. After choosing the video file you can select the video mode and the device for playback.

CD Burning and CD Ripping

To create a physical disc of your favorite music for playback or storage can be done using the CD Burner feature of the software. Wondershare can be used to burn all your music files to a CD in a simple and quick manner. On the flip side, feature to rip the music from the CD to the local system is also available.

Share videos to YouTube and Vimeo

One of the latest features of the software is to add the videos to YouTube and Vimeo site. The downloaded, converted, recorded or any other local video can be shared with your YouTube or Vimeo account directly from the software interface.

Overview of the other features supported by Wondershare UniConverter

  • Convert multimedia files in more than 1000 formats without losing quality
  • Batch processing supports to convert multiple files at a time
  • Edit your videos through features like trim, cut, crop, rotate, and others
  • Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and over 10,000 sites in high quality and desired format
  • Option to download the MP3 file from video files
  • Recording of desktop activities and streaming sites supported
  • Video transfer to Apple, Android, USB flash drive and external hard disk supported
  • Allows to burn videos to DVD, Blu-ray, ISO and DVD folder with option to select free DVD templates
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows and Mac system.

Downloading and installing Wondershare UniConverter and pricing

The download and installation process of the software quick which can be done following the simple steps. The program can be downloaded from the official software page.

As far as the pricing is concerned, the monthly and lifetime packages are available for Windows and Mac versions at different prices. Depending on your use and the number of systems for which you need the software, you can buy the package. Get the details from the following links:

Wondershare UniConverter also offers a free trial version with a few limitations so that you can know the software and get its feel before buying it.

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