Get the Clear Understanding of the Trademarking

You have designed your products with exceptional qualities and now you are ready to introduce yourself to the world. For this purpose, you will require a brand name or logo that impacts the mass and grab their attention making it worth their while. Before sending a logo, you must consider its relevancy with the design and finally design the logo that gets recognized within the mass immediately.

To save yourself the paperwork and legal complexities you can rely upon iGERENT for providing you the best service for monitoring so that someone does not misuse your brand name and legal attorneys for handling the legal proceeding on your behalf. This article provides insight into the trademarking for your understanding.

Trademark TM

Purpose of trademarking

Trademarking is the process to defend the product design, name, logo, graphic, etc by which the audience identifies with the manufacturers of the product from getting copied by others. However, this logo is always supposed to be unique and identifies with the product easily. Several frauds try to sell their fake products by the emerging or already establishes business names so that they can take advantage of their popularity. This leaves a bad reputation for the product among the consumers and impacts the business negatively.

It will lead to a reduction in sales and consumer confidence will be shattered due to the confusion. Trademarking your logo ensures that no one misuses your brand name and your identity remains established within the population. As per the trademarking rules, if the logo of the second company is somewhat identical to the initially established company and confuses the population into buying their product, they must stop using the logo immediately.

Ownership of the trademark

The designer of the logo is not considered as the trademark owner. The products on which the trademark is assigned for commercial purpose and the owner of the production company is said to be the owner of the trademark.

Logo turned Trademark

As soon as the logo of the company started appearing on the product and people start recognizing the company behind the logo it turns into a trademark. As soon as you start using the logo commercially your trademarking right begins. However, you must get yourself registered as a trademark because of the following reasons: –

  1. To sue any company that tries to make an identical logo to use your hard-earned success for its benefits.
  2. Earns you the right to stop the infringing of the products with a similar logo to pass through the borders by customs and border protection acts legally.
  3. You are qualified for trademark protection in other countries.
  4. Saves you from heading through different state courts for hearing and you can directly file the case to the higher authorities.
  5. You get recognized for the logo in the entire country.

The point of a trademark is to distinguish your name from the others in the market. The differentiating logo increases the chances of being accepted as a trademark and protected easily by the law. Generic words, a similar logo that confuses people, offensive words are not recognized as the trademarks. Therefore, keep the mentioned points in mind before designing the impactful logo and registering it as a trademark.

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