Enjoy Online Carrom Board Games and Win Money

Taking a look at the history of Carrom makes it clear that the game was ‘almost invented’ in India. ‘Almost invented’ means that it is not 100% sure; however, some facts suggest that it was. History aside, it’s one of the most played indoor games in South East Asian countries and almost every home in these countries has a Carrom board.

Nowadays you can play 3D Carrom game online. There is a huge role of Physics in developing a 3D Carrom game as it involves friction, force, paths, trajectories, distance, momentum and everything physics. However, developers across world have done a great job developing online Carrom and come up with Carrom apps that provide perfectly real and authentic Carrom.

carrom board

A 3D Carrom game to give a Carrom experience you’ve always strived for was much needed. If you’re a diehard fan of playing Carrom anywhere, anytime, 3D Carrom brings you that experience. It offers a realistic simulation and instinctive touch controls so that you remain hooked to the game. With Carrom apps, you can do the following:

  1. Play warm-up matches with an anonymous player.
  2. Invite and challenge your friends to Carrom matches.
  3. Choose from different game modes.
  4. Get tips to play shots accurately.
  5. Move up different clubs on the basis of your performance.
  6. Play and win real money in online Carrom matches or tournaments.
  7. Get a top spot on leaderboards and win cash prizes.

Modes of games

There are different modes of games that different Carrom apps provide. Here are some:

Normal Play: In normal play, a player gets a chance to play the game either in freestyle or choosing a group of pucks: black or white. The rule for pocketing the Queen remains the same. Players have to cover the Queen with a Carrom man.

Time Game: A few seconds are set for every shot, say 15 seconds. At that time, you have to pocket a Carrom man. Once you get the first Carrom man, the time will be reset and you will play another shot. This will continue until all the Carrom men are pocketed. In case the time is over and you fail to pocket a Carrom man, the game is considered over.

Tournament: A tournament has a certain number of rounds/matches, say 8. After the rounds are over, the total score is calculated. The player who gets the maximum number of points wins the title of Champion.

Each Carrom format has a certain set of rules and provides you real-gaming experience. Play one of the best and real 3D Carrom games on your mobile to relive your childhood and win real money while enjoying gaming.

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