9 Best Top Paid Unskilled Jobs in the USA (for 2022)

Not everybody is skilled, some workers are not able to continue formal education after high school. So, for them finding a well-paying steady job can be tricky.

Oh! Before discussing Unskilled jobs in the USA, I think first of all we should discuss what an Unskilled job is? So that things would be clear in your mind. “Unskilled jobs” is the term which is often used to describe professional roles that don’t require a degree, certification or any specialized skills for entering into the workforce.

Instead, the required skills are performed while doing the job itself. But this does not mean that unskilled persons cannot get high paid jobs. If we talk about real situations then the reality is these jobs serve as work opportunities for a large segment of the population who may or may not be accredited with any specialized training or education.

Unskilled Jobs in the USA

Actually, there are many high-paying job opportunities available that will allow you to forgo academics with some technical or on-job training, certifications, lengthy internships or associate’s degree. Of course, that does not mean that studying is not necessary.

Here, in this article we are providing some occupations for those who want to earn five-figures without college. So, check out the top-paid unskilled jobs in the United States – 

1. Server

The national average salary provided to a server in the USA is 12.01 dollar per hour. The primary duties the server needs to serve are providing an excellent dining service to the restaurant patrons. They usually take orders from the customers, offer meal suggestions based on their customer preferences, communicate orders to kitchen and bartending staff and deliver food to the diners. Sometimes the servers may help with food preparation, seating customers and taking payments, but it happens rarely. 

2. Commercial pilots

Commercial pilots in the USA have an average annual salary around 78,740 dollars. Their work is divided basically into two types: corporate pilots and transport company executives. These pilots are provided with some unscheduled flights, scheduling flights, arranging for maintenance of the aircraft, loading luggage and aerial tours.

Initially the interested candidate requires a high school diploma and commercial pilot’s license. After joining, they will be provided with the independent FAA-certified flight instructors or some training at flight school. 

3. Janitor

Janitors are basically responsible for cleaning various places. The national average salary provided to a server in the USA is 12.09 dollar per hour. The primary duties the Janitor needs to serve are cleaning buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals and libraries, cleaning windows, dusting, emptying trash bins, sweeping and mopping floors and tidying up bathrooms.

They often work before or after operating hours, so they may be responsible for securing and locking the premises. Some janitors may also perform minor repairs and maintain stocks of cleaning supplies. 

4. Transport driver

The national average salary provided to a server in the USA is 12.52 dollar per hour. The primary duties the transport driver needs to deliver clients to various destinations. They are working for a taxi or limousine company, a ridesharing company or other transport services.

Transport drivers are responsible for maintaining a clean vehicle and determining the best route to drive based on road conditions, weather and traffic patterns. They may be responsible for taking payments, loading and unloading luggage and answering questions about the local area.

5. Radiation therapists

Radiation therapists in America have an average annual salary around 80,570 dollars. The role played by these therapists is to deliver concentrated radiation therapy to a patient’s tumor. They are part of the healthcare teams called in to treat cancer. Requirements for the job of radiation therapist vary depending on the state of the USA but typically it includes passing a national certification exam.

Employers in the USA usually prefer to hire applicants with at least an associate’s degree in radiation therapy, though some companies accept those who’ve completed a certificate program. In most states, radiation therapists must be licensed or certified. 

Radiaton Therapist

6. Billboard Installer

The median annual wage of billboard installers is 43,555 dollars. Billboard installation has no education requirements but you will be doing long-term training on the job instead. It is expected that there will be 6% job growth from 2020 to 2030 in this job. 

7. Elevator installers and repairers

Elevator installers and repairers in the USA have a median annual wage of 79,480 dollars. It is expected that projected growth of elevator installers and repairers is expected to grow by twelve percent in the next seven years. The work associated with these workers is to install, fix, and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways, chairlifts and other lifts. During training they earn greater knowledge of electronics, hydraulics and electricity.

They troubleshoot the maintenance and repair work. Before getting the actual job, the interested person must have a high school diploma. This diploma is a four-year apprenticeship program, it is sponsored by a union, industry association or individual contractor. After that there will be on-going training to become a licensed installer or repairer. 

8. Flight attendant

For flight attendant the interested candidate requires a high school diploma or equivalent. The flight attendant needs three to six weeks of on-the-job training. The median salary is 59,050 dollars. The continued employment contingent upon receipt of FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency which is renewed annually.

The requirement of the flight attendant is rapidly growing. Airlines generally hire applicants with at least a year or two of customer service experience, but they are not picky about where you get this experience.

Flight Attendant

9. Air traffic controllers

The average annual wage of the air traffic controllers is 124,540 dollars. This is a job that requires lots of training. Coordinating the safe movement of the aircraft is paying the highest money, but it is also true that this job requires lots of training. Air traffic controllers are responsible for directing aircraft in the ground and air, controlling all ground traffic on runways and taxiways and giving landing and take-off instruction to pilots.


There are various job options for unskilled ones in the USA and past working experience matters very little for employers. No matter which job you choose, you should know what is expected from you in this job. Given that, all of the above-listed unskilled jobs are very popular in the United States, not just because many people are applying for them but also due to companies launching them in large quantities and on regular basis.

So, do your own research to know about there unskilled jobs in good details, collect data on what you like & dislike about them and then, make a mindful decision about which of these top unskilled jobs in USA you want to pursue.

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