How Membership Plugins Can Be Beneficial

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and web hosts in the world. If you have a blog or membership site, you will likely find the need to control access to content, among other things, especially if you’re looking to monetize your site or you’ve already done so. For the best results, however, you will need quite a number of plugins, some of which are free on WordPress whereas some will cost you a couple of bucks to download and install.

Assuming you guessed right, one of the plugins you will direly need is a membership plugin, which brings us to the main theme of this article. Here are some pointers on how membership plugins can be beneficial.


You can Control Access to Content

One of the most important features of membership plugins is that they enable you to control who can access which content on your site. With a good membership plugin like woocommerce memberships, you can restrict access to certain pieces of content or portions of it. This feature is especially important in that it allows you to provide access to certain content to subscribed members, paid or free depending on what your end goal is. Additionally, a good membership plugging such as MemberPress can allow content dripping, which involves allowing certain members access to content within a predefined period from the time of signup or when a user becomes a member.

Receiving Payments

Especially if you’re selling stuff on your site or you’re charging for membership subscription, a good membership plugin will come in handy. Some of the best ones integrate with payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe. Look for a plugin that won’t require additional plugins or add-ons for this purpose.

Discount Coupon Management

Discounts are definitely one of the best ways to attract more clients and increase sales. If you’re offering discount coupons for items or products on your site, a good membership plugin will give you full control on where they can be used, when, and how. For instance, you can set expiration dates for certain coupon codes; describe which products they can be used to purchase, how many times they can be used, and the amount or percentage they reduce the price by. Proper coupon management can see your business grow as it restricts the abuse and misuse of coupon codes.

Task Automation

Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming to manage a membership website. From creating new member accounts to pausing or canceling subscriptions, and resetting passwords, there are so many things to take care of and tasks to handle. And so to speak, most of these can weigh you down if you choose to do them manually. A good membership plugin can get some of this weight off your back and allow you to automate some of these tasks. It comes with self-service features that allow members to set up and manage their accounts from the time of signup.

At this point, it is clear that membership plugins are so vital for those running a membership site. They increase efficiency, boost sales, enhance productivity, and allow you to save time.

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