Ideas to Write a Winning Essay

Writing tasks may be different: non-fiction or fiction, poetry or prose, short-form or long-form, writing for the web or printing, writing for studies, pleasure or profession. Each type of writing has some specific rules. If you are planning to write an educational essay, you have to follow the instructions of your teacher.

A student may find it overwhelming to complete an essay. No doubt, essay writing is a large project. Students can break down this task into manageable parts. Moreover, a paper writer can consult professionals to complete every writing job successfully. For your assistance, here are some easy methods to draft a winning essay.

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Choose a Topic

A teacher may assign you a topic or allow you to choose the subject of your choice. After obtaining a topic, you have to think about the type of paper. Feel free to narrow your topic.

In the absence of the topic, you have to do your research to find a suitable subject. However, the selection of your topic can be an excellent opportunity. It allows you to choose a relevant and exciting subject. Before selecting a topic, you have to define the purpose of essay writing: persuasive or informative.

After determining the purpose, do your research on possible topics. Consider your interest before choosing a subject. Evaluate your options before finalizing a topic. If you want to write an educational essay, choose a known subject. Consider your passion and mission to write an essay. Always pick an interesting topic to write with enthusiasm.

Diagram or Outline of Ideas

For successful writing, you should organize your thoughts. Put your ideas to paper to see connections between ideas. This structure may become a foundation for your essay. Create a diagram or outline to jot down and organize thoughts. To create your layout, write a topic in the middle of the page and draw 3 to 5 lines to write main ideas. You can create a tree with different branches to write down your thoughts.

You can also create an outline for your topic. Write your main ideas and leave space under every idea. List smaller ideas in this space to create a relationship between different ideas. It will help you to see the connections and write in an organized way.

Draft a Thesis Statement

After finalizing a topic, you can sort ideas into appropriate categories. Try to create a thesis statement so that your reader can understand the main idea of your essay. Carefully evaluate an outline or diagram of your essay to find the main ideas. A thesis statement may have two parts. The initial part explains the topic and the other part states important essay points.

For example, if you want to write about Barack Obama and his achievements in the United States, the thesis statement could be, “Barack Obama was a good president of the country through his consecutive terms.” Moreover, you can write about his achievements, organizational and leadership skills, etc.

Pay Attention to the Body

The body is an integral part of your essay. In this section, you will describe, explains or argues your topic. Every main idea in the outline will become a new section in the body of the essay. Every paragraph must have a basic structure. Start by writing your main idea in the introductory sentence. Write supporting ideas in sentences and leave 3 to 4 lines between every point to give more details while revising your essay. Use pertinent information to fill these spaces.

Introduction of Essay

After developing your thesis and the overall body of the essay, you have to draft a strong introduction. This section should attract the attention of readers. Make it a focal point for your essay. Start with attention-grabbing lines. Feel free to use a story, a dialogue, quote or shocking information. Try to create a relation between the introduction and thesis statement.

Conclusion for Essay

In this section, you will sum up the topic and overall ideas. You have to provide your final perspective on the topic. The conclusion must contain 3 – 5 strong sentences. Review your main ideas to reinforce your thesis.

After conclusion, your essay is not finished. It is time to focus on small details. Check the orders of paragraphs. Each paragraph must start and end with a strong point. Your paragraph order should make sense. If you want to describe a process in your essay, ensure the correct order of your paragraphs.

Carefully review the guidelines for essay. Several scholarship form and teacher follow a unique format. You have to double check these instructions to ensure a perfect format for your essay. Finally, review your written information. Proofread your paper to avoid grammatical and logical errors. Ensure a smooth sentence flow and add phrases to connect ideas or thoughts.

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