Benefits of Conducting a Psychometric Testing

When the word psychometric comes to mind, one should know that it is basically a measurement of mind. Apart from education, experiences and skills, the personality and behavioral traits of a human being is also very important.

These are very important factors that a recruiter should see before they assess any candidate for an interview.  A proper psychometric test can actually find out the best talent for a company and the recruiter can also see whether the applicant is suitable for both the company and the job or not.

A proper psychometric testing has been used as a proper employment tool in many companies but one should know that why a company should use this testing tool and why it can be advantageous for them.

psychometric testing

What can a psychometric testing measure?

When a recruiter asks the applicants to complete their psychometric testing then there are a certain things that have to be measured there. The primary goal of conducting a psychometric testis to find out whether the candidate is best suited for the job or not. But a psychometric test measures an individual in varieties of areas but the main goal is to focus on the measurement of mind. A certain area of the test can be emphasized though depending on the nature of the industry and the company where the recruitment is happening.

A proper psychometric test measures both the personality of an individual and their ability and aptitude. When the test is conducted, one can get a very clear idea of the applicant’s abilities on how they will work it out if a certain situation arises in the company and how they can relate their strengths and weaknesses in order to work it out. So, rather than just relying on the candidate’s appearance, their previous experiences and examination results, one can also get a very clear picture if a person will thrive or not of they join the company.

This aptitude and the ability test will give the recruiter an overall snapshot of the applicant’s intelligence and ability through the abstract, numerical and logical testing along with a personality test.

Here are some major advantages of conducting a psychometric testing for the employees:

Companies of all sizes can utilise psychometric testing

This particular testing is not only reserved for the big companies and larger offices. This method can also be easily used as an overall strategy for recruitment. But the company which is conducting the test has to make sure that the candidates are being tested on the right traits no matter whether the organisation is big or small.

This testing has something more than just interviews

These days, only job interviews may not help a company to recruit the right candidates for their company. One should have a thorough recruitment strategy for their company and that must include psychometric testing apart from the regular interviews. Relying on interviews only can lead to flawed recruitment but if one conducts a psychometric testing along with that then the company has a higher chance to land with the suitable candidates for their company. This is because, some applicants may be just perfectly suitable for the company and the job bit they might not have the right marks (educational background) and their interview session might not have gone well. A good psychometric testing can help them to make an impression on the recruiter. This particular testing process can be used as a benchmark where one can compare the results against the other candidates who have already given a chance and are working for the company. This testing process is nearly perfect to pick the suitable candidate.

Psychometric testing can save employers time and money

Recruiting a new staff can take some valuable time and it can also be a costly process. But this psychometric testing can  also save the employers both the money and time because if this testing is conducted in the beginning of the application procedure then one can easily shortlist a huge amount of applicant from this testing at the very first round. This narrows down the number of candidates who has qualifies the round and go for the second round which can be a written test or a face to face interview. So, this psychometric testing can be used as a perfect filtering method.

Psychometric testing can provide a true picture of an applicant

A proper psychometric testing can give an overall good picture of an applicant. This testing process can give a very clear idea of an applicant’s personality and check that how can they work and whether they can work well in a given situation or at a crisis moment.

Psychometric testing is fair for both the recruiters and the applicants

This testing can offer a much standardised approach in a recruitment process. This is very fair for the job applicants because all the applicants have to go through the same process of testing. Also sitting for a psychometric test can actually help each and every candidate to judge themselves better. Sometimes they can also find some newfound strength which can help them to get a job not in the current company (for which they are taking the test) but also in a different company.

Psychometric testing can be used at any stage of the recruitment process

There is another major advantage of psychometric testing. Depending on the company and the recruitment process this testing can be slotted anywhere under the recruitment process. Sometimes some companies go for 2 rounds of psychometric testing as well; one at the beginning of the process and the other at the end of the process.

Psychometric testing is about measuring skills and abilities

The best part of this testing process is that it judges the applicants not on their educational and academic achievements (grades and numbers) but it gives more emphasis on their working skills and abilities and their way of thinking to solve a problem.

So, a company can actually benefit a lot by conducting a proper psychometric testing in their recruitment system.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.