5 Ways to Use Google Scholar To Your Advantage In College

Being a student is challenging most of the time. However, anyone you ask will tell you that he or she spent their best years while being in college. There is nothing you can do about the fact.

As well as this fact is true in most cases, there is another one that we are going to discuss today. The thing is that no matter whether you are freshmen or a senior student there is always that one time when you have 20 minutes to present your paper, but the bibliography is still unfinished. What should you do?

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Journal articles

To begin with, it should be mentioned that Google Scholar works just like a regular search engine does. This means that you need to be as precise as possible. It is designed to provide you with a combination of the most relevant and cited pages.

You should keep it in mind that the tool is able to search both the title and the article content. The result page will provide you with information about the author, publisher, and date for each entry. You can also navigate to other pages that contain the article.

Build libraries

Build Libraries

If you are worried that you may lose any discovered information you can save it to your library. Once the article is added to the library you can preview or organize it any way you like it.

In case you need book entries, all you need to do is to click “more,” and “Library Search” link will appear.

It will take you to the Worldcat.org page for that book, from which you can enter your ZIP code and check if you can find the book at your nearest library.


If you are researching some current events or looking for medical discoveries that have just taken place, you can easily keep up with the latest academic literature. Scholar allows you to set up an alert when there are any new discoveries appear. This means that you do not have to check the subject manually every day, a minute it comes up the Scholar will let you know about it.

Reading through case law

Google Scholar homepage allows you to select to search for articles of case law. If you are a law school student, such a tool is simply priceless for you. However, students majoring in history or political science will benefit from it as well. You can also set some precise settings so that you are shown only the content you are interested in precisely.


There is a Cite button under a Google Scholar search result. If you press is the box will pop up containing citations in different formats according to the article type. Such an option will enable you to copy the citation into Word document without any changes of the format. This will be extremely helpful for those who are running out of time before the paper deadline.

The thing is that the modern era of the Internet has a lot to offer if you are actually willing to take it. There are lots of hidden tools and means that will ease your time in college tremendously; all you need is the proper guidance to help you discover them!

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