How to Get a Walmart Credit Card?

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. Taking into account the comprehensive product range and competitive prices, Walmart is chosen as a one-stop shop by many Americans, especially if you consider the facility which allows you to order products online through the website and mobile apps at your convenience.

Walmart offers two types of Walmart credit cards to their customers.

  1. Walmart Credit Card – This card can be used for purchases at Walmart, on, at Sam’s Club and at Murphy USA gas stations.
  2. Walmart Master Card – This card will work anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

There is always a chance of getting Walmart Credit Card instant approval when you apply online. Although, Walmart Credit Card instant approval is not a sure-fire, however, you can get an instant approval if you exceed a card’s requirements rather than meeting them. In some cases, the issuer (Synchrony Bank) might take a longer time to check an application before giving the approval for the card.

Walmart Credit Card

Here are some requisites to get a Walmart credit card:

  • You have to meet the basic requirements to get the card. You can either apply online or in-store. Your age should be 18 years and above to apply for this credit card and must have a US mailing address and SSN.
  • Walmart credit card requires a credit score of around 630. So if you have a poor credit score (around 630) you can also apply for a Walmart credit card. If you are going for a Walmart Master card then you need a credit score of 700+.
  • Keep your credit reports open. If there are any freezes on your credit reports ensure that you lift it before applying for the Walmart credit cards.
  • Apply in store, you can fill out an application at the jewelry counter or at a register in any Walmart store.
  • You can also apply for a Walmart credit card online and get instant approval for the card. In such cases you will receive a temporary card number which you can use to make purchases immediately.

Most of the applications get approved or denied instantly or later the same day. In case, you do not get instant approval, then it might take a week or a fortnight to hear back from Walmart credit card division.

Main benefits of Walmart Credit Card

Walmart, Credit, and MasterCard both offer specific benefits to their users. These include:

Walmart Credit Cards3-2-1 Savecash back program:  Both cards sign up the shoppers in Walmart reward program that proposes cash back on daily purchase.  You will get:

  • 3% back on purchases made at, and through the Walmart mobile app.
  • 2% back on fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations. This does not include purchase of fuel at Murphy Express.
  • 1% back on everything else including; Walmart physical stores, Sam’s Club, Neighborhood Markets, and all other places that accept MasterCard (if you have MasterCard). Products provided by third parties, such as Walmart Checks will earn 1% back.

You can earn unlimited cash back rewards which are issued as a monthly statement credit. These rewards do not expire as long as your account is in good standing. So if your account is past due you will not receive a statement credit until it is brought current. You can review the statement under the Rewards Earned Summary Box, or sign in to the Walmart Credit Card account at and review the statement.

No annual fee: You can enjoy Walmart Credit Card without any annual fee.

$0 Fraud Liability: Walmart credit card gives you full protection from unauthorized charges. Unauthorized charges, however, do not include charges made by a person to whom you have given authority to use your account or card. In such cases, you will be accountable for such charges.

$25 sign-up bonus: You are entitled to receive a $25 statement credit within two billing cycles, if you spend at least $25 at Walmart (both in-store or online), the same day that you apply and get the approval. This is a sold perk offered by Walmart credit cards and can come in handy whenever you make another purchase at Walmart.

Promotional financing offer: Walmart occasionally announces and runs promos where candidates can finance purchases with zero interest for 6, 12,18 and 24 months. To qualify for this financing scheme, you must download and print online coupon and pay for the purchase using your Walmart credit card. The required amount  of purchase that you need, to qualify for this is as below:

Financing Required Purchase Amount
6 Months $150 to $298.99
12 Months $299 to $428.99
18 Months $429 to $598.99
24 Months $599 and above.

If you take advantage of this financing option, you do not have to pay APR or Annual Percentage Rate on the purchase for the duration of the financing period. In case you are unable to clear the dues at the end of the financing period, you will have to have to pay 16.9%, 19.9% or 22.9% APR depending on your creditworthiness.

Access your FICO score for free each month: If you sign up for electronic statements, then you can also sign up to receive your FICO score. FICO scores are available by accessing the online account by visiting These Scores are available online only to primary card members with an open account.

The Walmart credit card is best suited for those customers who have a poor to average credit score and often buy at Walmart. Walmart credit card provides opportunities to their users to improve or build their credit score. Although Walmart credit cards might apparently seem to be very lucrative, there are some definite disadvantages like low credit limits, deferred interest where you might have to pay all the interest you would have accumulated from the purchase date of the item, in case you fail to pay off your balance before end of the 0% interest grace period. Both the cards also have high annual percentage rate and it hovers around 24.5% on purchases for Walmart Credit Card, and between 18.65% to 24.65% for Walmart Master Card.

So before a sales representative can lure you to apply for a Walmart Credit or Master card weigh all the pros and cons and then apply for the card. However, if you have a poor to average credit score and  if you are searching for something to build or improve your credit scores then this card is the best option you can have.

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