Top 10 Most Popular Online Shopping Sites in USA

Digitization has taken over almost the whole world, where we all prefer doing our work online rather than going to a certain place. It saves us a great amount of time which we can utilize in something else. Be it the payment of bills or be it shopping, the internet has access to all of it. Online Shopping is in vogue and there are enough reasons more and more people are opting for it as not only it offers a huge variety under one umbrella, but also the product gets delivered at your doorstep. Interesting right?

There exist many online shopping websites but not all of them offer good service or a wide array of categories. So, if you are a regular shopper who wants to stick to a specific for online shopping then today, we have shortlisted top 10 online shopping websites for USA which are offering the wide range of products from books to toys, kitchen tools to beauty accessories, electronics to home decor, apparel, commercial products, pet accessories and much more.

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You will find pretty much everything on these online shopping websites and with more choices so that you don’t need to hunt for them shop by shop anymore. Moreover, exclusive offers, discounts, customer rating & reviews, are also available to let you be sure that you are buying the best product at its best price. So, let us have a look at these best Online Shopping Websites.


Though at the beginning it was only an online bookstore, it later started off with selling furniture, home appliances, jewelry, apparel, toys, video games, food items, software and what not. Amazon is not only an online shopping website, it has its own publishing company, own studio. Amazon streams online videos. Under their recent ‘Prime’ membership option a customer is allowed to shop without any delivery charges and stream unlimited movies and series as well. It came up with a product named ‘Kindle’, a tab sized gadget which allows carrying numerous books and read them on the go, the titles can be purchased from Amazon. Founded in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world right now. Online Shopping Website

2. Walmart

With over 11,277 stores across 27 countries, Walmart also provides an online shopping website to access its large variety of products. Originally it was established in the year 1962. For online shopping a membership here is mandatory. Walmart is famous for their offers such as Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, Coupons and promo-codes. Day by day they are improving their e-commerce platform and have developed sites like, Along with a large variety of products they have a hassle free return process and guarantee for the best price over their products. They also have a good review in the proper delivery of product in time.

Walmart Online Shopping Website

3. eBay

Ebay is another top rated online shopping website. Previously it used to offer money transfer through PayPal. Along with the availability of all sorts of product starting from grocery, apparels, electronics, books, furniture and the like. The special feature available in eBay is the allowance of consumer to consumer selling of products along with the usual business to consumer selling. There is a list of items which can be auctioned with a minimal listing charge for each kind of product. So, not only regular sellers, if you have any product you want to resell or you have created something that you think will have some market value and use for others, you are most welcome to come to eBay and sell your product through this website.

eBay Online Shopping


This China-based website is an online platform where small businesses across China and Singapore sell their products to customers across the globe. It directly connects the business owner and the consumer which differentiates it from Amazon. Aliexpress has a wide range of products starting from apparels, electronic gadgets and equipments, jewelry and watches, sports product, beauty product and so on. This online shopping website is owned by Alibaba.

AliExpress Online Shopping Website

5. Etsy

This online shopping website is the paradise for artistic people who love to decorate and collect out-of-the-box kind of stuff. sells handmade jewelry, accessories for home décor, beautiful equipments for baking and aesthetic art supplies. So if you are planning to add colors in your home or change the look, you must visit once and trust me you would not be disappointed.

ETSY Online Shopping Website

6. Target

With a long list of categories, offers something more other than just normal grocery, apparels, home decors or electronic equipments. This online shopping website has medicine and a pet category where all the essential medicines, as well as important products for pets, are available. Also, there is a permanent clearance sale category to match your budget. Special product listing such as gift items for occasions is like the cherry on top. You will find many unique products here. So, if you are looking for some special gifts or something you can’t find in any other online shopping website, is highly recommended. Online Shopping Website

7. Kohl’s

This online shopping website also has a huge list of categories with each section divided neatly so that it is easier for the consumer to select and shop. It has the unique feature of ‘character shop’ where one can buy superhero or fandom related goodies such as masks, t-shirts, cups, toys, character models, lockets and what not. The wide variety starts from the product of Mickey Mouse to Barbie, from Marvel to DC, from Lego to Hello Kitty and Hot Wheels. Along with all the necessary products available do not forget to stop there shop for the kids.

Kohls Online Shopping Site

8. Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale deals at a wider ecosphere. The website is as good for wholesale buyers as it is for normal customers. This online shopping website comes with certain extra category listing of eye-related products such as lenses, and travel packages. This unique listing helps you to buy pocket-friendly travel packages with proper details of destination, accommodation and everything related. You can rent cars as well as book a journey on a cruise. You can shop for your daily needed products related to home, health, beauty products, apparel, and sports equipment as well. Being a seller or shop owner, if you are searching for a warehouse to safely store your products, Costco Wholesale provide this facility too. You can search warehouses according to location or PIN Code by using its online form. Amazing isn’t it?

Costco Wholesale

9. Best Buy

Best Buy is an online shopping site for gadget lovers. You just have to name a category and like magic, there is a long list of gadgets and equipments available. The category starts from home appliances, computers and end in health, fitness, home security. There are drones, garage door openers, smart home box, garage organizing tools, STEM and educational toys. So if you are thinking anything about g for gadget then head to this website without thinking twice because this site has the largest variety. Moreover, the deals, offers, and services you will find here for electonics items, I don’t think you will find anywhere else.

Best Buy Shopping Site

10. The Home Depot

This online shopping website specializes in home décor products. Not only The Home Depot sell products, but they also repair home windows and doors. They have free delivery on a million of their selected products. Their category starts from appliances to bath and faucets, rugs and carpets, ceiling, lights, lawn and Garden, outdoor living equipments and the like. Along with products they provide ideas for décor as well, so if you are planning to renovate your house straight up head to

The Home Depot

In this busy hectic life of 2019, online shopping sites work as savior so that we do not feel left out when it comes to some of the essential tasks like maintaining our house, buying groceries, educational necessities for kids, medical necessities and so on. All of these take just some time from our schedule and a few clicks. Reviews on online products help us to go for experiments. So now, go ahead and shop from these online shopping sites without any worries.

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