How To Use Walmart Savings Catcher To Save Money on Walmart Shoppings

Everyone loves to save money. That’s why if there is a difference of even 5% in price for an item, we walk a hundred meters to the shop located at the downstreet just to buy the product for 5% less cost. Walmart understands it very well. It knows if the price of its products is higher than competitors, it will lose customers. So, it always tries to provide the best price for every product.

Not only this, Walmart introduce exciting deals, mega sale, huge discount offers, etc. to keep reward its customers to stay connected with them and concurrently, invite new customers to its stores. Walmart is highly determined to provide day-to-day items at the lowest cost. Taking this determination one step further, Walmart introduced Walmart Savings Catcher years ago which allows Walmart customers to scan their Walmart receipt and earn more discount over the items which they have already purchased.

Walmart Savings Catcher

This is amazing service launched by Walmart which ends up its customers’ concern for the products they have purchased from Walmart about if they have received the best price or not. Because if they didn’t, they can use Walmart Savings Catcher to get the difference on best price & Walmart’s price of a product (if there’s is any). There are many other unique shopping tips that you can know at TechieRide to cut your monthly expensive up to 25%. And, if your primary concern is only to save money from Walmart, keep reading!

Walmart Savings Catcher is used by thousands of Walmart customers to save money on daily groceries, electronic items, beauty products, utensils or any other items they purchase from Walmart but the majority of Walmart customers are still not using the service. The reason being is they don’t know how to Walmart Savings Catcher to save money on shopping.

So today, I am providing you a step-by-step guide on how to use Walmart Savings Catcher with screenshots to make it easy for you to follow the tutorial. Scroll down to know the steps to use Walmart Savings Catchers. But something that you should know before scroll below is that you can redeem discounts over Walmart receipts within 7 days. If your Walmart receipt is over 7 days old, you can’t enjoy the benefits of Walmart Savings Catcher.

How to use Walmart Savings Catcher

This guide is based on Walmart Android app but please not that you can take benefit of Walmart Savings Catcher using Walmart iOS app for iPhone/iPad and even directly through Walmart website’s Savings Catcher section. For Walmart App for iPhone/iPad, below steps are similar and if you want to use Walmart Savings Catcher online, then steps are different (but easy) which I am going to cover after this section.

Using Savings Catcher via Walmart Android App

If you want to enjoy the benefit of Walmart savings catcher using your Android phone then you have to first install Walmart Android app on your smartphone. Once you’ve done it, open Walmart app and follow below steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to login Walmart app using your Walmart account. If you don’t have any account, you can create one inside the Walmart app itself. All you need to do is click the Signup link below Sign In form of the app, Walmart app will open the sign-up screen. Here, enter your name, email address, and password. Once you Walmart account has been created, use this account to login to Walmart app.

Walmart Signup Login

Step 2: Once you have logged in to the Walmart app using your Walmart account, tap the menu button () available at the top-left corner. It will show app options from where you can see Savings Catcher in Tools section. Tap the Savings Catcher and it will take you to Walmart Savings Catcher screen of the app.

Walmart Savings Catcher Navigation

Step 3: On the Savings Catcher screen, where it says Unbeatable! at the top, tap the See how it works button provided at the bottom of the screen to allow Walmart to show you steps on how to use Savings Catcher apps to save money on purchased item from Walmart store. Read the instructions and finally tap Add Your First Receipt button provided after these instructions.

Clicking the button will open your smartphone’s camera inside Walmart app in scan mode which you are required to use to scan Walmart receipt’s QR code or Barcode. Once you scanned your Walmart receipt’s QR/Bar code, you’ll be asked to enter the date of receipt, enter it too to submit your Walmart receipt to the app.

Walmart Savings Catcher Scan Receipt

If you’re facing any problem in scanning QR/Bar code of Walmart receipt from the camera, tap Type Receipt Info button and it will take you to the screen where you can manually enter Walmart receipt’s TC # and date of receipt to submit your receipt to Walmart app.

Step 4: Once you have entered all required details of your Walmart receipt, tap the Submit button and then Walmart app will fetch receipt’s item details from its server & compare their prices with all the competitors’ prices. If it finds any competitor’s price for the product you’ve purchased from Walmart lower, it will show the difference in your Walmart account.

Walmart Savings

Once done, tap the Get it Back button to add savings balance to your account. Now, you can use this Walmart balance to either shop online through Walmart app or redeem it to Walmart gift card (it can take up to 24 hours) which you can use anytime you visit any Walmart store.

Using Savings Catcher via Walmart Website

If you want to use Walmart Savings Catcher service through its online website then navigate to to do this. Firstly login to your Walmart account (if you don’t have any, create one). Now, you only need to enter the TC # and date of receipt of your Walmart receipt to enjoy benefits of Savings Catcher to the form provided to you.

Walmart Savings Catcher Online

Once you’ve entered these details, proceed. Walmart will scan your receipt’s items and compare their prices with competitors. Once done, it will credit the price difference (if any) to your Walmart account which you redeem via gift card or use to purchase products from Walmart online.

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