How to Increase Reselling Cost of Your House

You own a beautiful home which you love living in with an amazing neighborhood with the occasional guests but you don’t see yourself living there in the near future for some reason and you plan on selling it. If you have the neighborhood everybody wants to live in, your work is halfway done but even if you don’t there’s nothing stopping you from selling it at the price you deserve and this is why we are here to help you.

If you have already planned you are going to sell it you have to keep preparing your house accordingly from day 1 so that later when you sell it you don’t have to do much for the house.

Reselling House

After you have decided you want to sell it, till the day you sell it you have to have one point in mind, no matter how you must keep your house as close to Turkey standards as possible. A turkey house is a house where the buyer can move right in without any work done on the house. For a buyer that’s a huge thing because they are researching and visiting a lot of places and having such an option is like a boost to their relocation. Also, they are going to be spending a lot on the house for buying it and having the chores of redecorating it removed is a huge boon. Therefore a turkey house is beneficial to both your buyer and you because you will get a good price and sell your house quickly.

Now see little things like turkey house go on to give you a good price for your house and you would want to know the things you should do or can do to get those extra few dollars which you wouldn’t have got otherwise. This why we are here and this is why this article was created. So sit tight and let us unfold everything to you.

Few Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Most of the tips mentioned here are the things you need to do just before you sell your house. Although if you want ideas regarding the future planning of when you will sell your house don’t worry we got you covered too.

1. Repairs and painting

The first thing any potential buyer will notice is the exterior of your home. You don’t want a potential buyer to come up to the gate and return because they didn’t like what they saw from the outside. Things you have to keep in mind is, you have to keep a very nice coating of paint. Not something too odd like lime green which will make your house stand out for all the wrong reasons.

You can hire a designer for this if you don’t feel comfortable. Then you need to check every corner of your house for any repairs that need to be done. In that way, you can make your home look beautiful and new without much renovation.

Painting House

2. Doors and windows

You will definitely need to change your doors and windows if you have been living there for quite a long time. Bringing in fresh new doors and windows can add value to the design of your house. It is also a pretty good method to make your house keep up with the trend in the market.

3. Landscaping

If you have a backyard or a lawn or some kind of a garden, you need to make sure it looks attractive. Nobody wants to visit a house planning to buy it and see dead plants, flowers and an untidy backyard. Hiring a professional gardener can work wonders in the presentation of your house.

4. Kitchen

It is one of the most important places a buyer checks before buying a house. The important thing here you need to understand is that decorating the kitchen with expensive tiles or marbles and aluminum slabs. That just gives the buyer a wrong impression that the place is more expensive than they can afford.

The key here is that the kitchen should be tidy, clean and attractive. The Taps should be working fine and there should be no leakage of water. If you have decided to keep certain utensils they should be working and be in excellent condition.

Kitchen Repair

5. Bathroom and Toilet repairs

After kitchen the next room any potential buyer visits is the bathroom. It is a very important room because hygiene is a huge factor for any person. You would want the bathroom to be very clean. The bathtub, the exhaust fan, sink etc. should be squeaky clean.

6. Lighting

Lighting is important not because of selling but because of advertising your house. Before you begin to showcase your house you need to put appropriate lighting in your house which plays up your walls, decors and other point of interests.

7. Interiors

Your interiors are very important to woo any potential buyer. Your walls should be well colored and have beautiful paintings on them. Your overall decor from furniture to the floor should be in top-notch condition.

Home Decors

8. Overall cleaning

Having a good looking interior is not good enough if it’s dirty. You have to make sure every furniture and floor in every room is cleaned. There shouldn’t be any stains on the floor if you want to sell your house for the price which you deserve.

9. Color Choice

Putting standard colors to your walls, doors, furniture will instantly increase your house cost by up to 10% no matter what quality of paint you have used to add those colors. Black paint to doors, dark brown paint to furniture increase the luxury ambiance of your home and so, makes your home more appealing in the eyes of buyers.

Color Choice

10. Your environment

Keeping your property clean and well-kept is like 90% of the job. Nobody wants to stay in a bad neighborhood or a dirty smelling living room. It is your duty as well as your neighbors to clean the neighborhood and make it a welcoming place for everyone.

11. You don’t have to do everything yourself

One thing you need to know and understand is that everything mentioned above is something you have to do but you can always bring in assistance. In certain cases like redecorating it is better if you hire an expert as they know what’s in trend and what needs to be done to your house. They can do the whole work at a much cheaper rate then you would have as they know the ins and outs of their respective markets. Hiring experts will also let you know the money you deserve for your house.

12. Its okay if you don’t get the money you were looking for

Lastly, you have to understand everyone has a tight budget and is looking for the best house in that money. You, on the other hand, want as much as money you can get for your house. The best strategy is to come to a middle ground. Some might not accept your demands but that doesn’t mean you have to accept theirs.

House on EMI

The first thing you have to think before selling your house is what do you have to do in order to buy this house. You have to impress yourself with the renovations and decorations first before you impress anybody else and that’s the secret to selling your house at a higher resale value.

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