Best Home Warranty Companies in the United States of America

A home warranty is an annual plan that covers the expenses of any repairs that need to be made and parts for replacement of various important components and appliances that become faulty due to daily usage or wear and tear. A home warranty should, however, be differentiated from a house owner’s insurance.

A homeowner’s insurance covers the cost of damage incurred in the house only on account of an unfortunate event such as fire, burglary etc. given below are the top 10 home warranty companies of 2018 in the United States.

Home Warranty

American Home Shield

It is the topmost home warranty company in the United States. At present, there are more than 14000 repair professionals across the entire country. Every customer of American Home Shield uses their plan on an average of 2 times per year. Their combo plan of $7299 a month covers the repair and replacement of most major appliances including air conditioners, dryers etc.

America’s First Choice Home Club

This home warranty company was originally founded by a group of people who were service oriented. It has plans ranging from a duration of one to three years. The warranty plans are affordable and convenient. The service charge is as low as $60. The AFC Gold home warranty plan covers for the repairs of many appliances including ovens and dishwashers.

Select Home Warranty

This home warranty company is well known for the plans that are suitable for everyone’s needs. Their plans are customizable. You can choose from their Gold, Platinum and Bronze care plans and further add on the appliances that you think might need coverage for repair. A survey disclosed that a customer once got his air conditioner repaired for $60 instead of $1200, all thanks to Select Home Warranty plans.

Choice Home Warranty

This home warranty company sends trained, local technicians within 24 hours of the report of a breakage or leakage. In case, the technician is unable to repair a certain appliance, Choice Home Warranty takes it on itself to replace the particular appliance. Their services have been rated a five star by consumers at

American Home Warranty

The biggest advantage of choosing this home warranty company is that the quotes are available online, completely free of cost. This helps you to make an accurate estimate before making financial decisions. The plans are budget friendly and are made to cater to the needs of all sections to the society. Answering a few questions on their online portal will help them choose the best plan for you.

American Home Guard

This home warranty company is known for its 5 star rated contractors. It has three types of plans, namely red, blue and white. Blue is, however, the most popular of the three, as stated by a recent survey. One of their unique features is that they offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. It was also regarded as the best overall service provider in 2015.

Advanced Home Warranty

The most unique feature of this home warranty company is that it does not require any kind of house inspection before granting the warranty. This makes sure that the privacy of the customer is respected and not violated in any form. Along with its annual home warranty plan, the first month is completely free. They provide dedicated technicians who are highly professional.

First American Home Warranty

This home warranty company has been around for more than thirty years. However, they are very strict about not covering any pre-existing issues but if there are appliances under their coverage that cannot be fixed, they will definitely get them replaced. They have basic, premium, and optional plans. The optional plan allows you to choose your own set of appliances to be covered under the warranty.

Total Home Protection

All of the technicians provided by this company are licensed. This makes them one of the most trusted ones in the market. They have plans for yearly as well as monthly basis. There is no limit as far as claims are concerned. Their plans start from as low as $1 per day. Their coverage extends to any appliance irrespective of its make, age or model. Plus, purchasing any single plan entitles you to a free first-month coverage.

Old Republic Home Warranty

This home warranty company does not require a home inspection for the plans to get approved. Thus, the privacy of the homeowner is not at stake. It is very convenient and is also available for multi-unit purposes. It provides great coverage and provides a wide range of warranty plans for selection.

Advantages of getting a home warranty

1. Peace of mind:

The very first and the most natural benefit that comes out of getting a home warranty is your peace of mind. A home warranty ensures that you need not spend a huge chunk of your finances in repairing your appliances. Once you get a home warranty, you are assured of a tension free living for the stipulated period.

2. Convenient:

Buying a home warranty will ensure that you do not have to frantically search for phone numbers in case of any breakage or leakage. All kinds of damage will be repaired by the home warranty company. You also do not have to spend time and effort in choosing the best service providers around as the home warranty company has already chosen the best ones for you. It is a one-stop solution to all your repair problems.

3. Incentive for buyers:

If you intend to sell your house at some point, a home warranty will make it more attractive in the market. The buyers will be assured that any damage to the appliances or components covered will be repaired completely free of cost. This not only makes the house an attractive deal but also adds to its selling price.

4. One-time investment:

A home warranty purchase is a one-time investment. It involves a one-time payment at the beginning of the plan. Even if some plans allow monthly payments, they are usually very small in denomination. This is better than having to spend frequently on technicians. There is also no account of the total expenditure on repairs of the house if a house warranty is not bought. That is why getting a house warranty for your home is a wise choice.

Are home warranties worth it?

A sudden breakage or leakage in any home appliance can cause great inconvenience in daily life. Sometimes, the damages may also pose threat to health and life. Having a home warranty ensures that damages are repaired at the earliest. Since the warranties are already paid for in advance, no damage shall remain untended to due to lack of adequate financial means at any point.

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