Top 8 Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Did you know that 93% of organizations today use at least one cloud service? Yes, that’s true! And, 30% of organizations have plans to shift more than 50% of their IT services to the cloud by 2019.

Cloud computing is soon to become the order of the day. Be it extra security, more efficiency in office space, greater collaboration capacity, or convenient scalability, there are several benefits of cloud computing. This post will guide you about the multiple benefits of using cloud technology.

So, let’s get started.

1. Reduced Costs

This is one of the significant benefits of cloud computing. With cloud, your applications will mostly run on the computers constituting the cloud internet network. In short, you will no longer need a vast host of hardware and software to carry the heavy work.You just need to incorporate the cloud interface software in your system – and from then on everything will be taken care of by the cloud.

So, what does that bring to us here?

Simple. It brings reduced exhaustion of your business capital.

Here are the few points that will clear the situation for you:

  • You will save on the costs of software and hardware that you use for running your office applications.
  • Almost no cost for system upgrade as your cloud provider will generally upgrade it automatically
  • Savings on the wages or salary of IT staff, as the cloud provider will mostly manage your cloud.
  • Low energy consumption, as there will be reduced usage of software & hardware. This, in turn, will eventually end up in lower utility bills.
  • Less delay in business operation. This will eliminate the risks of heavy losses that are otherwise borne by operational delays.

2. Access data anytime and anywhere

When you shift to cloud computing, you will have the privilege to access the data in cloud anytime and from anywhere. You just need a browsing device and uninterrupted internet connection.

Say, for example, you just came home from office and suddenly realize that you have to send a business file to your client. If you have not shifted to cloud already, you will have to go all the way to the office again to send that file. But if you move to cloud, you will have easy access to files right from your PC and have them sent to your client immediately.

3. More operational flexibility

As cloud computing assures the convenience of data accessibility anytime and from anywhere – you will enjoy more operational flexibility. If your employees have access to your cloud network, they will enjoy the same ease as well.

This “flexibility” quotient is especially essential when you urgently need to work with your data while you are not in the office. For example, say when you are at home, and an urgent query pops up from your most important client in the middle of the night. The privilege will also be handy when you are on a trip, and you need to access your files during an emergency.

4. Greater collaboration capacity

Cloud computing will enable your organization to share and communicate data much faster and easier than the conventional methods. It is especially important if you and your employees are working remotely.

As cloud data can be accessed from anywhere, no longer will your staff will need to travel to your place to get the required files. Both you and your team will be able to access the files from your respective locations. The same practice applies when you have to send any business file to your advisors or client. If you have shifted to cloud already, you can share all the files with them online. You no longer have to drive all the way to their locations to hand over the files.

Just imagine how much time and energy cloud computing will save for all of you!

5. Easy data restoration

When you place your data in the cloud, you can be sure of complete security. Thus, even if there is an earthquake or some issues with your office computer- your data will stay unaffected. Most importantly, after an accident or disaster, you will be able to restore your data in its intact state easily and in no time.

6. High level of security

Cloud computing assures excellent protection for your data and files. When you upload your files on the cloud, the service will usually store it in 3 copies. Most importantly, these three copies will be stored in various places. Even if one place gets affected, you will still have two backup options. It’s unnatural that all these 3 places will suffer a crash or an attack simultaneously.

Indeed, cloud technology does give you the peace of mind by ensuring complete security and protection of your data.

7. Minimizes delays and piques business efficiency

From the above discussions, we can say that cloud computing saves organizations a good deal of time. It minimizes operational delays and piques business efficiency. In a traditional environment, the inability to access business data leads to ruinous operational delays. For example, your office computer has suffered a crash, but you need a crucial business datum immediately.

Now, if you have not shifted to cloud, you cannot have access to your data instantly. It will consequently halt your business operations and may even damage your reputation before the client. But, with cloud computing, you can have access to your data anytime and anywhere – independently of your office computer. It means that you can get hold of your data even if your office PC has crashed or perhaps, stops working.

Such privileges assure no halt on your business operations and reward you with increased workplace efficiency. A highly efficient workplace is always the top favorite of every client out there.

8. Easy scalability

Finally, cloud computing assures pay-as-you-go payment ease where you will only need to pay for the resources that you need at the moment. You can later upgrade or downgrade as per your requirements.

So, when are you shifting to cloud?

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.