Gaming Industry is Much More Than Just Gaming – Here is How

From the users’ point of view, online gaming is all about the vast collection of games duly downloaded and played through mobiles or PCs primarily for fun and entertainment. From a developer’s point of view though, it involves unimaginably a huge chain of processes and innovative thinking before taking a game to the end users and getting their appreciation. It is as hard as directing a big budget movie and making it a huge hit across the globe.

In simple terms, it can be said that the gaming industry is just not about online gaming. In fact, it is much bigger than that. Follow Tech Blog Online and you’ll regularly get the most important news & coverage from the gaming industry. Let us now see how the gaming industry has changed the world along with its intricacies and the processes involved in detail.

Job mobilization

Designing a game, like it is stated above, involves so many functions and processes which requires professional expertise. So, the gaming industry is always in search of such professionals. As per an article published in Business Line a month ago, the gaming industry has a potency to generate 5 lakh jobs in one year. In fact, sensing the prospects of digital gaming in India, global internet giants like Google and Microsoft have come together to form an alignment called Indian Digital Gaming Society.

The online gaming industry requires a music composer to give life to the game, developers to design a game, marketing men to promote it effectively, journalists to run blogs, voice actors to explain the game and dub for the characters (like say if you are playing a game like WWE or Bahubali) and of course game testers to identify the flaws after due testing.

Gamers are now professionals

As per an article published in Deccan Chronicle, online gaming population is expected to cross 300 million by 2021.These gamers are not just contended with playing games. In fact, they are nowadays watching and uploading the videos of the same on many social channels thereby forming a network of their own. This proactive approach spurs several discussions on many games like say for example how to play Rummy with different strategies, how to play Candy Crush and so on among the people in the gaming communities, giving a professional look to the gaming industry as a whole.

Just like a football or cricket or any other sport, the online gaming, thus, is able to give birth to its own professionals who are able to exchange ideas about various games in a common platform. As a matter of fact, the India Gaming show held at Bangalore recently witnessed competitive mobile gaming on a large scale for the first with over 10000 gamers participating in it and winning prizes.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The online gaming has gone leaps and bounds thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. AI is a set of algorithms formed to impart adaptive or intelligent behaviors similar to human like intelligence. This has been made possible by the study and collection of data based on the gamers’ behavior which will have various historical information such as estimating the possibility of wins in a particular situation, total number of wins registered from a particular stage, number of levels a player can go, the amount of money a gamer can spend and so on. Taking many such things into consideration, a benchmark will be fixed, and algorithms will be written predicting the future outcomes.

Such detailed study has enhanced the quality of each game with AI developers nowadays are even contemplating of creating AIs which can think and develop their own personalities without being directed so. Such Artificial intelligence has been proved successful in the gaming industry especially in card games like Rummy games where the collected data is able to provide a customized gaming experience to the users.

Augmented reality and Virtual reality

Already with the existence of Virtual reality in some of the online games, the users are getting a feel as if they are also a part of the gaming process themselves. The usage of special devices like 3D glasses, gaming consoles, gloves, etc., is said to give that effect. If such Virtual reality set ups have made online gaming engrossing, the augmented reality feature which seems to be coming up of late slowly in the gaming industry is making online gaming even more realistic. In case of the latter, it uses computer generated objects to implement them into real life situations.

When compared to VR, since the interactions are possible with these objects, AR gives a better gaming experience. As of now, this has been implemented only in mobile gaming and it will not be longer before it makes its way to PCs and consoles too.


So, it can be concluded that the gaming industry is not just something that offers a platform for making fun and enjoyment. It has done some path breaking achievements and has caught the world by storm by bringing in more innovations and set ups which is having positive effects on the people either directly or indirectly.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.