A Graduates Guide to Prepare a Professional Package for Future Job

Don’t wait until graduation to begin putting together a package for your potential employers. A smart move would be collecting the resumes, references, online presence, job network, skill summary, portfolio and support materials that will pave their way to a bright future.

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Job Resume

Let’s take a look at some vital components this package should include:

1. The Resume

Take full advantage of the wealth of exemplary resumes posted online or at your college career office to craft an effective resume.. You can also gain important insights on specifics that will add heft your production by discussing your plans with a college adviser. Remember that a resume must be written out for each prospective employer and reflect the values they are looking for. Those who don’t have much work experience and consider the including:

STATEMENT OF CAREER GOALS create a powerful statement outlining your career goals that align with the position you are applying for.

HIGHLIGHT KEY SKILLS create a comprehensive list of the skills you possess that make you exceptionally well-suited to the work environment and responsibilities this position will include. List them all; software competencies, social media aptitudes, research specialties, foreign languages and everything else of value.

HIGHLIGHT EDUCATION ACCOMPLISHMENT in cases of no experience related to the position, highlight all of the educational achievements, especially high grade-point averages and other academic accomplishments.

HIGHLIGHT CAREER-RELATED ACTIVITIES includes a list of the practical experience you may have, this includes volunteer work, travels abroad, military service, professional or student associations. You can follow our resume guide to produce a top-quality and an up-to-date resume.

2. Establish a Social Network

Once you have a resume all buffed and polished, it is time to link up with major online recruiting and job platforms. Some of the big names you must include here are, Indeed, Career Builder, Dice, Glassdoor and Monster. But, don’t neglect the hundreds of other much smaller recruitment pools within an individual niche for specific industries like medicine, government jobs, technology, marketing, etc. Then upload your resumes that have a special focus on the niche site in question.

3. Round-Up References

Faculty members head out for vacations right after graduation and won’t be working for quite a while afterward. This will make it very hard to get those vital first letters of recommendation from needed for interviews. One idea would be to invite your professors, college associates, and other pertinent individuals to post a resume right on your LinkedIn account. Be sure to round up way more than you hope to use because you can’t expect that all of these will be stunning reports. Send invites to overseers of volunteer programs, religious groups, former employers and more. Ask them to speak about your skills and accomplishments in their recommendations.

4. Assemble Support Materials

When walking into your first interview, bolster your case and your confidence by bringing a stash of supporting documents. This should include a references list, fresh copies of your resume, sample URLs and updated contact information. Some grads will have business cards created for this initial interview. Be sure to look over our “Interview Dos and Don’ts Guide” for pointers on making the most of each interview.

5. Create a Portfolio

A professional portfolio is an absolute must for those graduating in technical, sales or visual mediums. Instead of creating a lengthy list of all your work experience, which can become very lengthy, just include a sample of your work in a single portfolio. Make sure this is well organized and alphabetized and presented in clear plastic sleeves. This will allow you to showcase your resume apart from your portfolio and make smooth transitions when referring to them.

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