5 Interesting Aspects of How Online Gaming Portals are Gaining Value

Rummy game is proving to be one of the most successful online games in the country. If the reports are anything to go by, investors in the some of the reputed rummy sites have exited with handsome returns on their investment.

In a start-up ecosystem which is predominantly ruled by tech and e-commerce businesses, rummy startups have been the game-changers. Taking the traditional card game like rummy online, which has always been a part of our society for several decades, rummy websites have shown many startup biggies the path to profitability. With the clear focus on targeting the Indian online gamers, they have unlocked the growth in this segment by offering games and content relevant to Indian online gamers.

It is really interesting to know how these online gaming portals are gaining value. As we explore a few astounding aspects of their growth, we are sure to leave you spell-bound with our revelations.

Made for India; make in India

While angel investors in some of the renowned Indian gaming portals have made returns of over 22 times on their investment; the real success of these gaming startups has been their emphasis on content for the Indian gamers. Way back in 2006, gaming companies like Shanda and Netease were successful startups in China which had started with gaming to grow big on content eventually.

However, taking a cue from their success was definitely not the approach to adapt to the Indian market. In those times, in India, the early gaming companies that ventured into the gaming scenario realized that it was important to develop games specifically for the Indian market; and, more importantly, these games had to be developed by Indian companies who could develop games that have a socio-cultural relation with the gamers. Thus, games like Indian Rummy moved online.

Regulatory and legal clarity about the game

The biggest boom for rummy has been the legal clarity associated with the game. The Supreme Court of India has declared rummy as a game of skill where the player uses his/ her mental skills in order to win at these games with the least interference of chance. Further, the apex court has also declared that playing rummy online for stakes as legal too. This clarity about the rummy game has rendered a great boost for the future of the game and the prospects of the players pursuing the game. But, there are a couple of legal hurdles for the game with respect to certain states in the country. However, this has in no way dampened the increasing popularity and inclination for the game among the new-age gamers.

Highly competitive with large players

The competition is getting hotter. The online rummy space is getting highly competitive with the entry of new players into the fray. The competition is expected to escalate to a whole new level witnessed never-before. With new and out-of-the-box strategies, the gaming scene in the country is poised for some real action as 6-7 new online rummy sites are likely to start operations disrupting the market. While all these rummy sites are strategically planning on expanding their player base; they are aggressively advertising on both digital and mass media – web, social media, regional TV channels, radio and print media too.

Lucrative investment space for investors

It is notsurprising to know the fact that these gaming startups are cash-cows for the investors. The revenues speak volumesabout their profitability. These startups are extremely profitable with some having impressive margins as high as 35%. Both local investors and many private equity firms from countries like UK and US are aiming for the pie in these growth and profitable businesses. The interest in the online Indian gaming market is abuzz. From private equity firms, local investors, and international gaming companies to venture capital firms – all are keen on taking a slice of this lucrative market. They are exploring diverse areas of investment in the gaming space.

Innovative business model

Apart from the profitability aspect, one of the key drivers of the growth of rummy websites is the prominence of innovation and the emphasis on local content by them. With innovative business models, a wide range of games to play, freemium games with rewards, feature-rich gaming experience,andexcellent customer support assistance have spearheaded the growth of rummy websites.

In addition, making all the transactions online while insisting players to comply with the RBI’s KYC norms have further been able to establish these websites as transparent and fair gaming platforms among online gamers. By deploying emerging technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning by the rummy websites to understand player preferences and provide for enhanced user experience has indeed placed them as the technologically ahead players in the industry.

Online gaming – poised for tremendous growth

As the competition is getting heated up, for the rummy websites, innovation and pace would be the determinants of success in the coming days.

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