Top 5 Online Services to Stream Movies and TV shows

Digital media content can be readily viewed, almost immediately and that too, on almost every device with an internet connection.

All the online streaming services have different rules regarding how many devices their services can be activated on, or how many streams or different content can be availed. Listed here are the top 5 online apps to stream TV shows and movies, namely, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and Showbox.


Although initially, Netflix was a computer-based online service that streamed TV shows, it has gradually grown and now offers apps for every smart device available. It is now available on devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, smartphones, and tablets with an internet connection. It has its own version of 1080p high definition video quality.

Watch Netflix

Netflix is also rumored to have been preparing for the 4K technology. A huge benefit of this streaming service is the lack of any on-screen advertising. It’s an easy and simple solution for anyone contemplating to quit cable or satellite TV and saving money. While Netflix does not host the current seasons, it’s best features and exclusive content makes the price worth it. TV shows are one of the best features of Netflix. It has a variety of genres of TV series and Netflix Originals.

Setting up Netflix is easy and it has grown so popular that systems like Xbox or PlayStation even have a built-in Netflix app. Netflix streaming is also updated every week, with new TV shows, new movies, and new documentaries. Check out the list of best movies on Netflix.


It is an affordable and a very popular streaming service that provides you with hours and hours of movies, television shows and so on. It has got millions of subscribers. It has increased your Television experience and has made watching your favorite TV shows without cable, a lot easier.

Hulu lets you watch both old and new episodes of many best TV shows from across the major networks, namely, FOX, NBC, ABC, MTV, A&E, Bravo, History Channel, Comedy Central and so on. They also offer a free streaming service that gives you limited access to clips and bits of shows. However, to experience Hulu completely, you need to subscribe and then upgrade, for a more premium experience. Usually, newer shows or episodes are added the next day after they air on TV, but they don’t really have the Live feature, yet.

Hulu, however, provides you with endless hours of on-demand content. Also, it’s contract-free; so there’s no necessity of long-term commitment. Hulu comes on major devices, namely, smart TV, game consoles, all kinds of mobile devices, streaming devices, computers and tablets. They even offer you a free seven-day trial!

Amazon Prime

In recent years, Amazon has challenged the reigning streaming services with its own Prime Instant Video service. Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon, based on subscriptions that give the subscribed members some additional benefits, like free two-day shipping on various items, streaming TV shows and movies, music, and digital books. With the Prime subscription, you naturally get access to Amazon’s vast selection of music, movies, TV shows and many more. All you need to do is visit Amazon’s website or Amazon Prime Music apps or within the Amazon Prime Video.

The Amazon Prime Video app is now available on iPad and iPhone, Fire tablets, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, Wii U, Fire TV Stick and Fire Phone. The streaming service is now available across 400 different devices and its Original video content in Ultra HD on compatible LG, Sony, and Samsung Ultra HD smart TVs. Amazon also allows its customers to digitally rent or buy around 50,000 popular movies and TV episodes. They feature TV shows from a wide range of networks of channels like PBS and HBO, to even CBS Kids and Nickelodeon.

There are a few shows which are common to both Amazon Prime and Netflix, but they have their originals and shows too, which are exclusive to Amazon Prime Instant Video, which includes older HBO shows which are rarely available anywhere, nowadays.


HBO Now gives you access to every episode of any HBO series of your liking, as well as movies and other stuff. This streaming service, however, does not have the feature of offline viewing. HBO Now is a boon for HBO fans, which gives you access to all of HBO’s original content, right on your mobile devices. It is HBO’s answer to the TV streaming revolution, providing easy access to HBO content for all of its consumers or rather subscribers.


It’s available on iPad, iPhone or any Android devices, Roku and Xbox. The only limitation that it has compared to other sites is that this is HBO-specific, unlike the other sites. However, no matter what, HBO Now is an entertainment universe in itself, with its original content like hit TV shows, sports, documentaries, movies, comedy and kids’ shows.

You can have access to any old or new episodes from any original HBO series, past or present. You also have access to behind the scenes and many exclusive interviews related to the shows.


Showbox is a free app where we can watch online movies and TV shows from different channels. It’s one of the best alternatives to Netflix, available right now. You don’t have to pay for any subscription or any TV show. It works on any Android device.

ShowBox APK Latest App

This free streaming app has a wide range of TV Shows and movies available, new or old. It offers a ton of TV shows and movies, most of them available in high definition. You can even use it from your computer with an android emulator like Bluestacks. Google’s play store features this app for all Android devices.


All these above-listed streaming apps are top in the market and they are providing the best audio & video quality for both Movies and TV Shows. So, go ahead to install any of these cool streaming apps and enjoy premium quality movies or TV shows without going anywhere.

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