How to Block Ads & Anti-Adblocker Scripts in 2019?

Non-intrusive and safe ads are a thing of the past. Nowadays, online websites, software, and apps use violent implementation of ads in order to earn as much as they can through advertisements even if it comes at a price of losing visitors. Banner ads, large leaderboard ads, popups, notifications, sticky ads, video ads, surveys and many new types of advertisement formats have been introduced to annoy visitors.

Many websites use so many ads that it becomes hard to use the website for its original purpose. Many websites goo too far to implement even malicious ad script on their website which can install spyware, viruses, and trackers in your system. So, if you want to stay safe from them the best way is to use a good ad blocker like AdLock which uses the latest techniques to block intrusive & malicious ads.

Blocking Ads with AdLock

The technique to block ads is not new. It is annoying advertisers and website publishers for quite a long time now. So, they are also implementing new tricks to get around ad blockers. Not all ad-blockers are keeping up with these tricks. With most of the ad-blockers, even if you install them, you will still see many advertisements on websites because either they can’t identify those new ad scripts of they are being paid to show those advertisements.

If you really want to experience premium browsing experience, you need to get out of this corrupted and vulnerable ad-blocking environment and start using Ad Lock – the premium ad-blocking service.

adlock adblocker

What is AdLock?

AdLock is ad-blocking software available for Windows, Android, and Chrome web browser which lets you remove ads & pop-ups from the internet automatically. Whenever you browse a webpage, AdLock will automatically scan and block all of the webpage’s ad scripts even before loading which makes your web browsing faster and it does so in such a smart way that the interface of target webpage won’t affect.

Being available for Chrome web browser, AdLock will block all types of ads & malicious codes from Linux, Mac and Windows web browsing session but it goes one step further by providing ad-blocking software which will block ads inside any software installed in your Windows operating system and any Android app.

Benefits of using AdLock

AdLock is essential software that you should install not only to block ads but also because of the lots of other benefits it is providing to your internet browsing session:

  • Blocking ads, popups, surveys, notifications and providing a premium web browsing experience
  • Removing non-skippable YouTube Ads, Facebook in-video ads and giving undisturbed access to videos
  • Blocking malicious scripts to safe web browsing
  • Protecting your privacy by blocking trackers
  • Saving expensive bandwidth & mobile data while making the whole internet faster for you.

Moreover, AdLock blocks cryptocurrency mining scripts, harmful links, filter HTTPS sites, track spyware & bugs, save battery power, hence, making overall web browsing fast & secure for you.

Using AdLock for Your Devices

If you browse the internet using Google Chrome web browser on Windows, Mac or Linux systems, you can get AdLock for Chrome for Free by following this link –

If you want to block ads from torrent clients, web applications, video players, or other software & apps which are installed in your Windows PC or Android phone and keep bugging you by showing ads or promotional offers, you can also download AdLock from its official website for Free to remove advertisements from your whole system.

AdLock for Devices

Installing AdLock is too easy. It’s just a step-by-step process guided through proper instructions for installation. Once you have installed AdLock, you won’t need to even change any settings inside the software as they are already set to provide you the best web browsing experience. Yes, if you want to view how many and which type of ads, popups, spyware AdLock has blocked till now with their origin, threat level, etc., you can open the app and view them in detail.


AdLock is a very powerful ad blocking solution developed by a dedicated team of developers who believe in providing ad-free & safe experience to internet users. Unlike other ad-blockers, AdLock is updated on a regular basis to add new filters in its software so that no ads or tricks can get through this premium ad-blocking solution.

Whether you want to block ads on Chrome, Windows or Android phone, AdLock is the perfect solution and its basic package is free for all platforms. So, I highly recommend you to install AdLock and enjoy the premium browsing experience it is providing to you and if you’re satisfied, go ahead with upgrading your plans to enjoy even more benefits & security features that AdLock holds for you.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.