How to Check My Free Minutes of 0333 Number From My EE Account?

All leading service providers offer free minutes these days. It’s stiff competition with service providers these days and every provider offers free minutes to make themselves look attractive. Users all love free minutes, don’t we?

People plan the time of conversations and the length of their conversations based on the free minute’s balance that we have. There are ways to check free minutes of 0333 numbers from your EE account and here we will learn about them.

Getting your desired 0333 number from a platform like WeNumber offers you a first-hand view of all competitive free minutes allowed. Every service provider wants their offer to look attractive, so they offer such free minutes. You can click WeNumber to read more.

Here’s is how you can learn about the free minutes of 0333 number from your EE account:


0333 Numbers Strategy for Free Minutes

The cost of calling a 0333 number from a mobile phone is essentially based on price per minute. However, there are free minutes allowances from landline phones. All service providers have their own set of rates for such calls.

WeNumber provides a first-hand insight into competitive call cost per minute. You can make a comparison and seek a plan that suits you best. If you compare how much 0333 numbers cost from WeNumber to other platforms, the difference will surprise you.

Steps of Checking Free Minutes of 0333 Number from your EE Account

It is simple and convenient to check your free minutes. At Least you can be sure of the exact number instead of just making estimated assumptions. Here is how you can check the free calling balance:

Step 1: Signing in to O2 account

The balance can be checked online in an extremely simple procedure or through the app, signing into your O2 account. This is the simplest way.

Step 2: Checking through mobile phone

If you are devoid of internet or online checking techniques required to sign in, you can check your balance through your mobile phone as well.

Here, you need to follow any one of the below-mentioned procedures:

  • Hotkey: Here, you need to press Hotkey ‘2’ on your mobile phone. You will now have the free call balance remaining.
  • Calling options:
    • You can press the call button after pressing Key *#10#. You will then know your free call balance.
    • You can dial 4444 on your mobile phone. No charges will be levied for doing so. This will get you the free call balance status.

In case you do not have your mobile phone with you, you can still check the free call balance by signing into your O2 account.


You can check WeNumber to read more about how you can check free calls balance for numbers in the simplest possible way. How much 0333 numbers cost from WeNumber is in itself an evident proof of the fact that it is the most efficient platform for attaining the number.

All your perks of free minutes, concessional prices stay the same as offered by service providers. If anything, this platform provides a first-hand view of rates and benefits offered by competitive companies.

Instead of doing your own assessment of how many free calls are remaining for you, you can plan your conversations in accordance. There is extreme diligence in making the most out of complimentary perks. So, wait no more, just know your pending free call balance.

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