Mobile Phone Money Saving Tips

A mobile phone is now a considerable spend and takes up a large proportion of our yearly income. In some cases, people spend more on their mobile phone than they do on standard utility bills like gas, water and electricity. The average spend in the UK is £45 per month, that’s £540 per year. Knowing how to save money on your next device could save you enough money to pay your gas and electricity bill for a year!

Follow our tips to save money on your next mobile phone contract plan.

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1. Rolling contracts are no good

Most contract plans come with a free phone, sometimes you a pay a little upfront but most of the phone cost is factored into the monthly tariff. Once your contract is finished you have paid your phone off. By letting your contract roll you are still paying for a mobile phone that you have already paid off.

2. When’s the right time to buy?

When new models are released older generation phones will reduce in cost. For example, Huawei have just released their new flagship device, the Mate 20 Pro. When this was released the previous P20 (which was released in the same year) has now dropped by £200.

Most years April/May and September/October are the months when the main brands release their latest phones. If you don’t want or need the latest handset then you can save a lot of money around the time of phone launches.

3. Sell your old phone

Smartphones retain value, keeping your phone collecting dust makes no sense. Sell your old device to fund your new device. Some sites offer trade-in, but you would be better selling your old phone and banking that money for the next phone. For example, if you are upgrading to the iPhone Xs and you owned an iPhone 8, you can get around £400 for the handset second hand.

4. Pay a little upfront

When you pay a small proportion of your device upfront you will often save money over the duration of the contract. The better way to buy your new phone is to buy the device outright and then buy a sim only plan. This can save hundreds of pounds over the duration of the contract.

5. Buy the right amount of data and don’t waste your budget

Most people get sucked in to buying huge amounts of data even though its not needed. Ask yourself, how much do I really need. The average usage per month is around 4GB. The most purchased plan is 16GB.

Check your last bills or your device to see how much data you really need to purchase. By following our tips, you can save a lot of money over the duration of your contract.

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