Top 9 Best Gaming Apps

Keeping pace with the frantic advancement of state-of-the-art technologies and current trends, we can’t but follow our everyday habits and rituals using latest products and outputs that the global IT factory offers us. It wasn’t until the early onset of the 2010’s that passionate gamers from all over the world started pleasing their inner gaming maniacs with mobile apps instead of downloading storage-consuming games like they did before.

These days, there’s hardly any devoted gamer who has less than 2 apps for gaming installed on their multifunctional gadget. And one can right away come up with the most rudimentary explanation to this “app plague”: getting around your favorite games with an app is very convenient and storage-saving. Therefore, we ground out the trendiest mobile apps for gaming you can use up to the fullest while on your super-busy go.

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1. Asphalt 9: Legends

The Asphalt game is by far the most popular racing game app providing the players with the broadest range of game items as well as realistic graphics. Eating up just 99M of your storage space, the Asphalt app gives you the amazing experience of racing on a PlayStation or computer. Asphalt 9 is the latest game of the Asphalt franchise released.

2. Slotomania

According to the charts, this app belongs to the most popular gambling apps among online casino players. Slotomania offers its users the welcome bonus of 10.000 coins. Moreover, players get an immensely wide range of games with killer graphics as well as sound effects. The Slotomania app also gives its players free gifts, bonus rounds and some other features making their online gambling experience remarkable and truly exhilarating.

3. Monster Hunter Stories

Developed by one of the leading Japanese gaming manufacturers, the Monster Hunter Stories game is now ranked very high on worldwide gaming app charts. Having this app on your gadget will keep you engaged and agitated throughout your exciting mobile gaming trip. With its abundant anime graphics, Monster Hunter Stories is deeply beloved by Japanese cartoon fans who sometimes prefer it over such popular games as Mario, Pokemon and Final Fantasy.

4. BoVegas Casino App

Using the innovative RealTime Gaming software, BoVegas Casino app provides a smooth and seamless experience for players to get the best from their game. BoVegas Casino app is full of latest elaborate games that have been catching on every hip gambler. This app is bilingual – it can be used both in English and French. The welcome bonus of BoVegas app is up to $5,500 while the first offer is the 250% Slots Machine Bonus. Besides, the app treats its most devoted players to daily and weekly bonuses.

5. SkyForce Reloaded

This app is the latest one in the Sky Force franchise. Its advanced graphics let you experience a twistedly amazing fly in a real military plane and an extreme shooting up in the air. However, the Sky Force graphics retain certain features of its classic and very first version which is deeply appreciated among some old-school players.

6. Big Fish Casino

Developed by Big Fish games, this app provides you with the broadest choice of top online casino games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Video Poker. It also offers you many progressive jackpots. Big Fish is probably the greatest pick for the players enjoying gaming versatility since this app comprises nearly all the games that online gambling could ever offer them. And apart from this, Big Fish casino app gives its newbies free 100,000 Bonus Chips.

7. NOVA Legacy

Plunge into the Star-War-like world of incessant post-apocalyptic battles amid the breathtaking cosmic landscapes. Yes, as you may have guessed by now, the NOVA Legacy app has a sophisticated sci-fi storyline making your gaming experience totally mind-blowing!

8. GSN Grand Casino

The GSN Games app mainly comprises slots and video poker games which largely defines its target audience. GSN Games’ products fall into two categories: slots games and casino games. The app features the ultimate number of famous games players can’t imagine the gambling world without. Its flamboyant graphics make you feel like a wealthy dandy man strolling across some luxurious Las Vegas casino and holding a glass of filthy expensive champagne in your delicate hand. Passionate about glamour and lavish stuff all around you? Then don’t hesitate to install the GSN Grand Casino app on your device.

9. Plague

The Plaque app introduces you to the hectic dystopian world of lethal infections and the ubiquitous Death. The game offers you to become the one who begets global Plaque that’ll wipe off humanity. Plaque’s appallingly realistic graphics, along with the powerful stimulation technology underlying this app will turn your gaming experience into an actual post-apocalyptic journey of Life that confronts Death.

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