How to Make Money Playing PUBG

PUBG is an amazing multiplayer battle royale game that refreshes our mind, improves decision-making abilities, motor skills, teaches team coordination and, at the same time, gives us a lot of fun. It’s such a good experience to play this game that some people just can’t get enough of it – who includes my friends as well as you. So, you might be wondering if you are putting so much time and effort in playing PUBG, is there any way to make money playing PUBG? Here, in this article, we are breaking down to all the proven ways to make money with PUBG, read further to know them.


There are many ways of earning money while playing PUBG. The activities include playing online tournaments, selling off game items, selling of the game account and many more activities.

Here are 5 amazing ways you can earn while playing PUBG:

1. Taking part in online tournaments

On can make money as an individual by taking part in the PUBG games. These games can be played as a duo or maybe in a squad by virtue of online tournaments along with cash prizes. The prizes are handed over through a leaderboard strategy and the top prize goes to the last person who is standing. To name some online platforms, there are FACEIT, Toornament, Battlefly and GamerzArena.

There are many who go beyond the online tournaments and make money by playing PUBG in the open LAN get-togethers. This gives large cash prizes. There is another option, which is to sign up as well as compete. This gives the players a chance to win a share from the prize pool. The best way to earn money is by playing PUBG in any online event or tournament.

PUBG Tournament

2. Sale of game items

If an individual does not have any additional time to put for streaming or for the training of competitive events, one can still earn money by playing PUBG in the free time. While playing PUBG one can also earn battle points (BP). These points are all the game currency and we can use the inventory or sell them to the websites. These are Skins, BitSkins, Cash, G2G as well as Gameflip. Also, if we have some rare or very uncommon items, these can be sold as well.

3. Sale of the game account

When one has aced this game and after 1000 plus hours, one should be able to change. The game account can be then sold with all the skins to the highest bidder. Though it is not condoned, but on the websites like G2G and PlayerAuctions one can list the account and earn money. Also, this is not just a one-time arrangement. One can try new games and start over as well.

Buy Sell PUBG Account

4. Betting on the tournament results

If one likes the game and can understand well, then one is not a great player. Also if one is good and wants another specific income stream, then one can always bet on the same, It can be with friends or betting on the tournaments and it’s the right way to earn money. In fact, there are websites which are like Sickodds that will convert the strategic knowledge to real money if one handles this well.

5. Streaming /Uploading content on Twitch and YouTube

In case, we want to make some money by uploading a content which is there on You Tube, there are many tools in order to do that with PUBG.

Use of a cost free platform for donation – There are many who have a lot of viewers who follow them over the You Tube Channel or on Twitch. There is one donation platform called Rechaaarge. There are live alerts which will allow the audience to give donations totally free.

How to get started is as simple as parachuting from a plane, there are a few points to take care.

Connect the Twitch or the YouTube account in order to activate the Recharge module.

The personal Rechaaarge link must be shared everywhere and one must make sure that the viewers also know that there is cost – free donations.

Other aspects of earning online through PUBG:

One needs to create a goal on the dashboard

With the Recharge one gets a dashboard to keep a track of the statistics, customize the designs and in case the player is in a giving mood, we can send some portion of the earnings to one charity of one’s choice. Usage of the platform which comprises of paid donation. Twitch Bits as well as Cheering is the currency which Twitch buys from Amazon. However to qualify once must be a Twitch partner or an Affiliate. Super Chat is a donation feature in the You Tube. It allows a viewer to spend money to highlight a message amidst a live chat so that it gets noticed.

PUBG Patreon

There are subscriptions and channel memberships which create a reliable monthly earning. To avail the subscriptions which are sought after, one has to be a Partner. YouTube has a requirement and in order to avail channel membership option, one has to be on a Partner Program. There is also an external factor which is very popular and this is known as Patreon. A membership platform allowing an individual to raise money from its fans. All platforms decide to take a cut. Twitch takes 50%, YouTube takes 30% cut and Patreon takes a 5% cut.

Unique badges and the bright emojis can win early bird prizes and tickets to events. There are also some perks which are offered to people who are extending support each month.

Twitch advertising & YouTube

While streaming, gamers are able to get payment from every advertiser when they are displaying ads on a channel. Depending on the size of the audience, this could generate a strong passive income during the streaming of the gameplay. A Twitch streamer gets 50% of its revenue from all the ads.  YouTube is a bit better at 45%.

Twitch PUBG

Making money with affiliate links by playing PUBG

Affiliate links are those links which one adds to the channel by directing to a product which is on sale on the site. A very easy way to initiate a purchase would be to recommend the accessories and the gear that one uses and loves. Each time one viewer will click on any link and does a purchase, he will earn a commission. There are many affiliate programs that are there for gamers to choose and this includes the Amazon Associates, GearBest and NewEgg.

Getting sponsors

For those who are very good in PUBG and the mass is following every drop, its high time to avail sponsorship. This implies that the brand pays to promote the products on the streams.

If one has to make money by playing games, then PUBG is a very good choice. Whether we are playing for fun or we want to make some pocket money or an individual is a competent ESports player who is playing for a living, there are many tools that are available for the PUBG fans.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.