The Best Retro Video Games That Became Popular Again

As you play no deposit mobile slots, you will see a lot of slot varieties. You can play these with no deposit required, and some online casinos may even offer a free bonus. Some have three reels, and some have five. Some slot machines are now in 3D, and sometimes, you can also play classic ones that only show fruits and other traditional slot symbols.

This makes one think, what are the best retro games that have made a comeback? Casino games do this all the time, and it is a good idea to find out if this also applies to console and desktop games.



This first version of this game came out in the Family Computer, and then in the Nintendo Gameboy back in 1989. Back then, the colour was never really an option for mobile gaming.

Tetris has gameplay where blocks of different shapes fall from the top. Your job is to rotate and position these blocks at the bottom, so they form a horizontal line without a breakage. If a line forms, that line is deleted. If you fail to do that, the blocks will keep rising to the top until you have no area left to play with.

The original Tetris can be played by the group, too. If the 2-player mode was selected, the screen would be split in two vertically. And the player who keeps his blocks off the top of the screen as the increases in speed will be the winner.

Today, there are so many apps in both iTunes and Google Play with the same style. They are also all made of block, but nobody calls it Tetris. Some have added their own spice to the game, but it does maintain the original play style and goals.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

This game and character was an attempt to rival Nintendo’s Super Mario. This one is released by a company called Sega, which is still active until today but is no longer a dominant force in the gaming industry. Despite that, Sonic is popular today and has made a comeback, and even will get its solo movie in 2020. Today, Sega is no longer focusing on making consoles, but it is a renowned third-party game developer who is manly marketing its products in the arcade gaming industry.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter

This arcade title dominated all arcade stations in the world back in the early 1990s. Developed and released by Capcom, it captured the players’ attention because of its challenging moves that required prowess on the joystick. Before long, the game franchise found itself in major consoles like the Playstation.

Eventually, it has spawned many sequels and even movies. Today, it is one of the most sought after retro games that you can download or buy along with a collection. It is still an active game, and the latest title is Street Fighter V, which was released on PS4 in 2016.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

This arcade game required players to think and act fast as the giant gorilla throws barrel after barrel to hit the player. Originally published in 1981, the title quickly became a cult favourite in the Family Computer platform.

At that time, Mario was just called Jumpman, but he eventually became Nintendo’s flagship character. Donkey Kong is in itself a series, and the entire selection has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Today, he is back in the retro gaming genre and even has a cartoon series.


As a simple maze arcade game, this one has challenged many players as each level became harder and the enemy behaviour became much more difficult to predict. It is a cultural phenomenon that it is mostly referenced in movies and popular culture. Today, Pac-Man can be downloaded on mobile devices for free but is much more enjoyed by gaming enthusiasts if played in the classic Nintendo consoles.

Pac-Man was released in 1980 and was originally called Puck-Man because the character is a puck that opens its mouth to eat yellow pellets in the maze. The goal of the game was to eat all pellets without touching the enemies. The only way to get rid of these ghost enemies was to eat the larger energizer pellets that gave Pac-Man the power to gobble them up.

Duck Hunt

This game required a Zapper gun, an accessory product of Nintendo that you needed to attach to the NES gaming system. In it, you have to shoot ducks with your Zapper gun and play with others to see who can beat the highest score among players.

The title was first released in 1984. Two or more ducks may appear, and your duty as a player was to shoot them in mid-flight. The thing was, the Zapper gun only worked on CRT televisions, not on modern LCD or HDTVs.

Super Mario

Super Mario

By far, this is one of the games that will never go away and will continue to dominate the gaming industry. Super Mario was first released in 1985, but he already had appearances in other games as an extra character. Mario is a playable character in the Mushroom Kingdom, whose goal is to save the princess that was being held captive by a dragon.

Over the years, Mario has dominated pop culture, and there are TV series and movies made about the character. Today, there are many other variants and versions of the franchise, all of which can only be played on the Nintendo console. However, Nintendo also provides Super Mario games on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

The first in this MK series came out in 1992. The game was playable in arcade stations and soon moved onto consoles. Developed by Midway Games, its contribution is that it is the first fighting game that introduced a wide choice of character and a brutal gaming style.

The game has become so popular that movies were made out of it, and there is an upcoming reboot of the film franchise. The series is now on its 11th title, and so many characters have been introduced. Today, the most popular retro version that game enthusiasts look for is Mortal Kombat 3.

Press Start

These retro games are now making a comeback not just in the form of new series for new consoles, but as the old titles themselves in the same old format. There are limited editions of these games that are released from time to time, and players can buy them online or from their game suppliers.

The consoles themselves are also sold in a brand new form. In any case, there are already many ways to port these classic games into modern devices, including laptops and mobile phones.

The one thing that makes them popular until now is nostalgia. Many people from that generation play these games and post their gaming experiences on YouTube, and the young people of today’s generation can relate because of the simplicity of the design.

They are not as elaborate as the games today, and they cost less than modern games. In addition, these games do not have the burden of in-app purchases. Buying these games grant you 100% of the content, and you do not need to buy other features to succeed in completing them.

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