The Ultimate Guide: How to Play Online Slots

Online slots are the staple of the online casino industry, providing millions of gamers with thrills, spills and entertainment every day. The online slots industry has developed beyond all recognition since the early days of the 1990s when the first simple fruit machine games were transferred to the internet.

These days, there are thousands of online slots games to choose from, covering every genre from the classic three-reel games that replicate the old fruit machine experience to the latest in high definition immersive slots, complete with cinematic graphics and narrative elements. But if you’re new to online slots gaming, the range of choice in online slots may seem bewildering. Where do you start?

Choose your Game

The first step is to find what type of game works for you. You may be a fan of old school fruit machines or Vegas-style slots, or you may like the look of those newer high-end slots that blur the lines between slots gaming and video gaming. Some players focus on games that have themes they enjoy such as pirates, Ancient Egypt or the Wild West, while others grow to prefer games that feature certain bonus attractions, like the Avalanche feature.

The good news is that many reputable online casino sites will let you try out games in free play mode, which is a good way to check out whether you like the game. Try a range of games on different sites and you will soon get to know which you enjoy and which you should avoid.

Check it Out

Another advantage of using the Free Play mode is that it can help you to understand how a game works, so you aren’t left gazing bewildered at the spinning reels! Take a close look at how the game operators, what symbols you are looking for, and how the bonus features are activated.

Paytables and RTP

All good online casino sites will also display the Pay Tables and Return To Player (RTP) figures for their games. These are important details and when you’re learning how to play online slots, they will help you to work out whether a game is the type that offers small but regular payouts or few but bigger jackpots. The RTP figure will also tell you how favourable to the player a game is. All slots games have a house edge, and most are around the 96% RTP mark, but the closer the figure is to 100%, the better the return in the long term.

Get Started

Once you’ve found your ideal game and checked out the details, its time to get started. For most slots games, this means choosing the size of your stake and the number of lines you wish to cover. Remember, the stake is usually quoted per line, so the more lines you opt to cover, the bigger your stake. When you’re ready to spin the wheels, click on Spin and see whether you’re a winner. Some slots games also offer extra features such as Auto Play and Turbo Play but you should only use these when you are comfortable with the game.

Manage your Play

Online slots can be fun but they can also be addictive. It is vital to ensure that you never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, and always set time limits on your slots play, to ensure that you play safely and that fun doesn’t turn into addiction.

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