Top Industries with High Demand for Automation

We all are now living in a tech-savvy world filled with automatic objects that have become integral in our life. It is hardly impossible to imagine our daily life without artificial intelligence or automation. It is predicted that in future automation will exceed human capability. Not only in daily life, but automation has also created an extraordinary revolution in industrial fields too.

Automation in modern industries has provided lots of remarkable insights all over the world along with technological advancement. From small scale industries to large ones; each of them using networking, programming, or the internet to sort out any issues related to business.

In the future, everything will be dependent on wireless sensors, robotics or software program applications, etc. Automation will be the foremost medium even to do any kind of industrial discussion.

Industrial automation

Scope in Jobs with Automation:

Industrial automation has created different job opportunities. Here are some of the job profiles.

  1. Service Engineer
  2. Maintenance Engineer
  3. Control System programmer
  4. HMI/SCADA Graphics Developer

Let’s discuss one by one:

Service Engineer

A service manager is responsible to manage pre-developed logic test agreements with the customers as well as vendors. He has to be skilled in communication both written and verbal. He has to be an expert in negotiation with the clients. He needs to sort out business priorities and solve them with IT supports and to evolve innovative ideas that will improve productivity.

Maintenance engineer

Maintenance engineers work for the industry by checking, repairing and optimizing industrial equipment. They also help software get controlling and assure the reliability of the machinery.

Better to keep in mind that you should have gained the ability to work in the domain of Electrical, Information Technology as well as Instrumentation to be an automation engineer.

Automatic in Mechanical Industries

Control System Programmer

Control System programmer is a job designation in which an engineer has to create new programs to control the system by using audiovisual interfaces.

The Control system implies the idea of Controllers. Many types of controllers are there in a company like:

DCS (Distributed control system)- It is a control system that is particularly operated by computers with a large number of control loops and those are distributed in self-governing controllers. Functional Block diagrams help in programming DCS. Mostly Nuclear power plants and Broiler controls and power plants use DCS.

PLC (Programmable logic controllers)- Functional Block diagram, Structural text, Ladder language, or any other programming languages are likely to be used in programming PLC.

HMI/SCADA Graphics Developer

The graphics developer is a very important role in industrial organizations. They need to create HMI screen designs by using HMI software.

HMI graphic designers need to design graphic pages for the plant as per Clients’ needs. There are various shapes of machinery that help in developing good graphic programming. Mainly Oil refinery, Process plants or Thermal plants, etc. use this implemented automation programming as per customer requirements and improvement of the plant.

Automatic 3D Printer

Top Industries with Automation Boom

There are a number of leading business organizations that run on automation technology to the maximal extent.

  • ABB
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens AG
  • KUKA Robotics
  • Emerson Electric Co
  • Bosch RexRoth

Though it is not possible to discuss every one, we will be enlightened about the top two business industries from the above list and their adoption of automation.

1. ABB

Company profile: ABB from Zurich, Switzerland is the foremost technically advanced leading software company that has adopted automated industrial equipment and systems along with robotics.

This company is also digitally well-connected with its customers and third-party vendors. This company has branches over 100 countries all over the world and has around 37,000 employees.

Innovative tech: Single-arm – small-parts assembly robot solution, named by YUMI

Introduced: 2017

Beneficial effects of automation: The world’s first accurately collaborated robot was Yumi. It was able to work safely along with humans because of their compact size and collision detection software. Its hand was flexible.

It was able to carry out works with high accuracy. This dexterous new model of robot was quick-moving and has greater efficiencies to lead better programmings.

2. Siemens AG

Company profile: Siemens AG is a global powerhouse production house first introduced in Berlin and Munich, Germany. Its main focus is on digitalization, automation, and electrification. Siemens has provided employment to almost 373,000 people in over 200 countries all over the world.

Innovative tech: Machine tool handling system software called Sinumerik CNC 840D SL.

Introduced: 2017 (software)

Beneficial effects of automation: The Sinumerik 840D SL is the latest software 4.8 version. It has helped in boosting the productive efficiency of the company by speeding up the production level.

It has also secured the safety of tools with its advanced features like advanced collision protection and nodding compensation etc. This software version is able to handle laser machining and multitasking machining simultaneously.


Benefits of Adopting Industrial Automation 

Automation is the greatest gift of science to mankind. By the innovative ideas of automatic systems, the production and the output have been improving day by day. It is renowned for reducing labor costs, floor space-saving, or boosting product and work quality.

Automation helps to improve process flow and helps to utilize the work area wisely. There are many things encircling automation, but it is difficult to count. Automation has all positive impacts on industrial organizations.

A Michigan-based craft brewery utilizes automation to increase their productivity. Automation allows them to improve their expansion in multiple areas and scale up their growing demands.

Significance :

  • Promote labor to higher-value tasks
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve safety and ergonomics
  • Alleviate labor shortages
  • Improve quality and consistency
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase tracking and traceability
  • Save floor space
  • Increase productivity and throughput

A short discussion of the above benefits:

Robotics and automation work uninterruptedly until or unless there is any technical disturbance. They work vigorously 24/7 without taking sick leaves or breaks. They never get distracted or require a vacation to chill! We can expect a cent percent reliability from them.

Mark Sumner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Acieta LLC, an RIA Certified Robot Integrator with locations in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and Council Bluffs, Iowa says, “Humans are humans, they will mess up from time to time, Robots are very repetitive, they are very consistent, which means you will get a rather consistent part every single time. This reduces scrap.”

The improvement of traceability is dependent upon automation in many aspects.

It is not always possible to keep eyes upon each and every human workers’ activity level. Automation can digitalize the whole process of supervising the workers with the help of robotic applications in the manufacturing process. It can help you to keep more control of industry workers. It will improve industries’ predictability too.

Industrial Automation with Robots

Let’s Wrap up

In this present world, automation has come as a boon to mankind. The rapid growth of automation in industries has given us a lot of advantages. It also works as artificial intelligence. From new client construction to central manufactory approach in everything there is automation. Customers can order their demands online; they can recommend the urgent improvement in artificial intelligence and complex machinery development etc.

Moreover, the introduction of ideas and techniques of automation in research and to the fields of education has brought a huge level of positive change in the new generation and provided them with a variety of new and innovative opportunities to work in the field of their interests.

That’s all and hope this above discussion will help you to choose your carrier.

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