10 Best Graphics Tools & Gadgets for Graphic Designers

We all are living in a digital world which has gained never-ending craze and Graphic Designing has a most important role in it. Like every other craft, graphic designing also needs the best tools and gadgets to execute the brilliance of a designer. Graphic designers must move with the growing technology to survive in the competitive world by using the productive tools and gadgets to transform their idea into graphics which is a lot of fun and inspiration to them.

We agree that having the unique and creative ideas are essential for the graphic designing but implementing them on paper is not sufficient in the present generation. In the blogging world, people often need graphics that suits their websites and this is the reason behind the success of graphic designing for a long time.

Creating visual concepts is not an easy task to be done by everyone and it needs unique gadgets along with the outstanding skills. Look at these 10 amazing graphics tools and gadgets that help increase your creativity thus productivity.

1. The ‘iPad Mini’

The mini iPad is definitely a great essential though you may already have a computer for graphic design. It is always important to have a portable to miss not any simple thing. It’s great to show your work to the potential clients when you went out for a meeting. However, designing and replying to the emails on the iPad is troublesome, so better wait to reach your computer.

2. Inkjet Printer

There are a wide number of clients who ask the graphic designer for a print design or layout of their work and that work can be done perfectly by Inkjet printer. Also, some designs cannot end up with a digital format but brochures and other hard copy materials are required for promotions. Sometimes, the graphic which you designed may look perfect but when you see the hard copy of it, it doesn’t look appealing. So an Inkjet printer which is capable of producing top quality photo printing capability with excellent speed is a must-have tool for a graphic designer.

3. Adobe Muse

As a creative graphic designer, you may have unique ideas and to implement that, you definitely need a programmer. But implementing a website perfectly with your ideas may not be completely possible to the programmer and here Adobe Muse helps! Adobe Muse allows designers to build a fixed and adaptive website without using any code with all the features. Users can also use third-party plugins to develop the functionality of their website.

4. DayDream View – Google VR

No doubt Virtual Reality is the future of design and for graphic designers, it will surely set a pulse racing. In the present generation, people love to experience the things in the whole new way than just seeing them and this will be only possible through VR. Google is providing the simple and high-quality VR – Google DayDream View VR Headset, which is comfortable and easy-to-use. Though this VR headset comes with the high-quality, the price of it is affordable.

5. Cube

If you are a passionate graphic designer, you must have an idea about the portable color digitizer which is in the shape of a cube. The smart color reader can measure the color of anything by just tapping a button. Though it looks small, the accuracy of measuring the color is perfect and is easy-to-use and it reaches the smallest places even. So we can say that a portable color reader is a must-have tool for every graphic designer for the best color inspiration.

6. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook pro makes you fall in love with the drawing every time you use it. It is an app that turns your iPad into a sketching tool that includes many customizable brushes and colors. Sketchbook comes with an interface which maximizes the drawing space and makes you feel the design is realistic. This app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones and is compatible with different pens. For the graphic designers who expect precision and speed, Sketchbook Pro is a must-have app.

7. Polaroid 3D Pen

The Polaroid 3D pen comes with a built-in battery, charging stand, and a built-in fan which reduces the heat. As the graphic designers love different colors, the Polaroid 3D pen also comes in various colors like Black, Blue, White, and Pink. This pen has the capability to eliminate jamming and also comes with the features of auto-feed, auto-eject functions, variable speed, temperature settings, and OLED screen. So, one must not miss this wonderful 3D pen, if he/she is a graphic designer.

8. WhatTheFont

WhatThe Font is a service provided by myfonts.com which helps people to find the font of any image or website. It saves a lot of time as there is no need to search the font to get the details of it. Just upload the image you like or its URL, select the characters, and leave everything else to the WhatTheFont! This is really a great and useful tool that makes the work of a designer easy.

9. TurniKit

The world of photography has been changed completely after the smartphones were introduced. People always expect something more and that gave birth to Turnikit which helps the user focus completely on image or video. Turnikit also comes with an extension ring that helps to work with the lens wider than 35mm and it also decreases focusing distance.

10. Cyber Clean

Keeping your surroundings clean is an important task to be done to focus more on your work and the same applies to gadgets too. One will become the ideal graphic designer only when he keeps his gadgets clean along with using latest technology and tools for his work. Cyber Clean is the best gadget cleaner and it can be used to clean any electronic gadget. It can do the trick where many brushes failed to do, by reaching the narrower places.

Start using all these awesome tools and gadgets which we have especially shortlisted according to need and necessity of graphic designers. I am sure, these best tools and gadgets for Graphic designers are going to help you a lot in you work.

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