Why Our Futures Are Digital – India Technology Trends

Our planet is in the midst of some of the most significant changes since the Industrial Revolution. Ever since the internet surfaced towards the end of the last century, it has ushered in the digital revolution that is dramatically transforming how we live our lives.


What’s remarkable about the digital revolution is how it seems to be speeding up life in all corners of the globe. From Silicon Valley in the USA to our own tech hub of Bangalore, efforts are being made to harness the potential of digital technologies to help us carry out a range of tasks in an ever more efficient manner. But what’s driving this trend and where will it take us?

The Rise Of Smartphones

Much of these monumental changes are due to the omnipresence of smartphone technology. That grants all mobile users the equivalent of a personal computer in their pocket. Recent figures have suggested that India alone has over 1.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions which have helped our nation become one of the world’s largest markets for digital consumers.

As a result, anybody in India can now carry out a range of tasks with ease from their smartphones. It’s thought that $30 billion was spent on mobile-based eCommerce in India in 2019, and the rise of internet shopping has seen powerhouses like Amazon emerge seemingly overnight at the expense of some of our most cherished high street brands.

Smartphone technologies have dramatically affected our entertainment habits too. It’s now simple to watch a wide range of Bollywood movies on your smartphone since streaming services like Netflix became widely available. And since many of us like to take our gaming entertainment with us, many game developers have started adapting their native games to mobile platforms. For example, the iGaming industry has rolled out many mobile-friendly versions of their original games and the internet is full of online casinos for players in India that want to find a reliable solution to fit their mobile gaming needs.

The Demand For Faster Data

The internet has come an incredibly long way in a short space of time. Much of this is down to the increased speed that data can be communicated. While the humble email is still with us, it’s now easy for people to stay connected via video chat technologies such as Skype. What seemed futuristic just a couple of decades ago is now in the palm of our hands.

However, there’s always a struggle to keep up with our demands for evermore data-rich media. India has recently seen the introduction of the first 5G trials that will aim to satisfy the needs for faster data speeds in the world’s second-largest internet market.

By introducing faster data speeds, it’s hoped to supercharge an Indian economy that is already renowned for taking advantage of the digital revolution. Whether it’s pioneering new eCommerce services or even just making food delivery or ride-hailing services more efficient, there are hopes that Indian can lead the world in terms of adapting to the latest digital endeavours.


The Transformation Of Our Daily Lives

No matter what we’re doing, it seems that nothing is free from the assistance of digital technology. We have already seen how the Aadhaar scheme has successfully been implemented to provide the world’s most extensive biometric ID system that is based on individuals’ demographic data.

But it looks like even more aspects of our lives are falling under the spell of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. From the likes of virtual caregivers that are pioneering healthcare, the digital transformation of agriculture, and many other technological advancements in our lives are becoming increasingly at the mercy of the latest tech developments.

While there are understandable concerns about how these technologies can be used to override our personal privacy, there is little doubt that we are set to live longer and more productive lives as a result of this technological trend. All of which shows that if you’re thinking of launching a successful software development career, there won’t be a better time than right now.

Charu decided to unite her Honors Degree in New Media and lifetime of geekiness to pursue a career in tech and gaming journalism. You can usually find her writing about a variety of topics and drooling over new gadgets and games.