Individual Health Insurance Add-Ons-Makes Your Health Insurance Stronger

There are a variety of plans available in the market if you’re looking for a family health insurance policy. It is essential to pick one that provides thorough protection against various expenses. The coverage should meet your desired needs. In addition, the premium for the coverage should be reasonable. However, combining all these advantages into a single medical insurance plan can be challenging. Therefore, the best option is to modify your policy by purchasing add-on coverage.

The scope of your base plan can be increased with the help of medical insurance add-ons. You can select from a choice of add-ons from each insurer to meet your individual needs. These insurance policies will be helpful in an emergency to cover medical costs not covered by the standard plan.

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Add-Ons that Boost Your Individual Health Insurance Policy

Here is the list of add-ons; you can purchase as many add-ons as you’d like, but you should be aware that each has a price and will raise the premium. However, the individual health insurance policy add-ons aid in boosting coverage. It will make your insurance policy the best individual health insurance.

Cover for Maternity and Newborns

The practice of charging a more significant premium to those of a different gender (such as women) is known as “gender rating,” and it is one that some health insurance carriers employ. Women may accrue a higher lifetime medical expense than men since they are far more prone to chronic illnesses, particularly after a pregnancy. However, insurance providers frequently provide female-focused policies with extra features like maternity coverage to offset the increased premium expenses. Such medical insurance add-ons are a fantastic choice if you or a family member is expecting a child or responsible for caring for a newborn.

Critical Illness Add-ons

Cancer, kidney failure, and heart disease are examples of particular categories of severe illnesses that are typically excluded from coverage under a standard individual mediclaim policy. This is when a critical illness health insurance rider comes in for help. You can include this in your standard health insurance plans if your coverage is insufficient for your medical requirements.

International Emergency Hospitalisation Supplemental Insurance

In a medical emergency, the global hospitalisation add-on insurance cover ensures you are kept safe and secure financially. Being an Indian national, receiving medical treatment abroad can break the bank. With this addition to your primary insurance, you only need to worry about getting the most effective medical care possible rather than how much it will cost. This add-on is especially advised for people who frequently travel abroad for leisure, business, or other reasons. Remember that there is only one medical emergency per policy year that is covered by this add-on.

Coverage for Personal Accidents

Personal accident insurance plans establish a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. The latter will pay the former’s family financial compensation in the event of a permanent disability or death caused by an accident. Numerous insurance companies offer accident insurance policies, which you may also buy as a top-up to an existing mediclaim individual policy.

Daily Hospital Costs Add-Ons

The enormous cost of daily charges to be incurred is one of the main stressors for hospital care and treatment for practically any health issue. Your finances are negatively impacted and effectively drained as a result of this. When the patient is released from the hospital, this may turn out to be a major problem. The pay-out often covers the cost of diagnostic tests and reports and other medical expenses typically not covered by health insurance policies. To provide stability both throughout your treatment and after discharge, add-on daily hospital expenses are recommended.

Your level of protection increases with the breadth of your insurance. So why put off adding coverage to your policy when you know it will improve the security you are getting based on your medical needs? If you are looking for the best individual health insurance, start using Niva Bupa individual health insurance plans right away.

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