15 Essential Travel Gadgets for Long Flights

A gadget is a small mechanical or electronic device that has a specific practical use to make our life or the use of another device easier or more enjoyable. Travel gadgets are those things that make our travel comfortable and convenient. Travel is a lifelong journey as we want that no place should be left unexplored.

Taking a flight is still the most convenient mode of transportation so all of us love traveling by air and are expected to sit in a seat for 5 to 10 hours in an aircraft floating above 30,000 feet. It is not so easy to get ready for a long flight because there are many things to pack. In this article, I will discuss some of the super cool handy gadgets for long flights that any passenger can add before departing.

long flight duration

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones – This electronic gadget helps you to immerse yourself in your favorite music content to spend the long hours in a blink of an eye by canceling the noise of turbulence, engine, murmurs, crowd and babies crying.
  2. Airplane Footrest – This is an adjustable, soft, thick and cushioned mechanical gadget which elevates traveler legs according to his need not only to improve blood circulation in legs but also to avoid complications with swollen legs or sensitive veins.
  3. Compression Socks – This type of socks are used in flight to avoid leg complications such as pain, numbness, blood clots, thrombosis and varicose veins caused by slow blood circulation. Compression socks offer constant gentle pressure on legs and maintain proper blood circulation through the veins.
  4. Earplugs – This silicon gadget not only provides comfort to the eardrum against the air pressure changes experienced during the flight at a height of 30,000 feet but also reduces noise levels and offers more peace and quiet to enjoy sleep.
  5. Neck Pillow – This foam made gadget is used by travelers to provide a perfect shelf to head and neck while snoozing, reading and relaxing. Neck pillow avoids the neck to get stiff and helps to enjoy a more comfortable sleep.
  6. Sleep Mask – Travelers used this gadget in flight to keep bright light to a minimum level, to recreate a relaxing night vibe by completely covering the eye area and to regulate sleeping patterns.
  7. Universal Travel Adapter, Power Bank and Electronic Organizer – These electronic gadgets are used to provide optimum power supply to our entertainment devices such as smartphones, headphones, e-book readers etc. Universal travel adapter has support for different plug styles to power phones, laptops, tablets, hair dryers etc. Power banks are used for fast charging anything between 1 and 4 times during flight. An electronic organizer is a cotton bag used to store cables, SD cards, USB cables, adapters, power bank, camera etc. at one place not only in dedicated mesh and zippered compartments but also in storage loops and dedicated pockets.
  8. Smart Luggage with Tags and Luggage Scales – Smart luggage with an in-built lock system helps to keep away our belongings from unsafe hands. Luggage tags are used to offer a personalized appearance at the reclaim counter. Luggage scale is a small electronic gadget used to show how heavy a traveler bags before he boards a flight.
  9. Automate Travel Vacuum – This latest gadget is designed to create a vacuum inside the suitcase by escaping out all the air inside the suitcase to increase the storage space.
  10. Travel Steam Iron – This is a very small electronic gadget which is especially used by business travelers to get rid of wrinkled clothes without wasting time and money in dry cleaning.
  11. Toiletry Bag – This TSA approved, transparent, waterproof, universal-sex and PVC made bag is used to store cosmetics and toiletries such as face wash, hydrating face mist, lip balm shampoo, deodorants, lipstick, eyeliner, face cream etc.
  12. Disposable No Water Toothbrush o Breath Freshener – If there is any need of brushing your teeth during long flights then I would suggest you to use Colgate Mini Toothbrush because it has a pre-pasted bead in the middle which will dissolve automatically once you start brushing.
  13. Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer – These medical products are used to moisturize your face, to sanitize your hands and to protect our body against bacterial infection. They are easy to pack as each wipe comes in a separate package. Always use them before taking food or snacks from food trolleys.
  14. E-book Reader – Apart from using entertainment and handheld gaming devices, you can use E-book readers such as Kindle Oasis to kill hours by reading your favorite books.

ebook reader


It is pretty hard to spend ten hours in an aircraft cabin but the above mentioned travel gadgets will surely help you to sleep better, play harder and enjoy every second of your flight. To survive in a long-haul flight, I recommend not only carrying the above mentioned smart gadgets but also follow the below mention tips:

  1. Wear comfortable outfits on long flights. Don’t wear jewelry because it will only set the alarms off at airport security.
  2. Reserve a good seat that has more leg room.
  3. Prepare yourself for a good sleep with a sleep mask and ear plugs and forget about other passengers.
  4. Put only much needed items in cabin luggage and avoid packing too much in it. Take one little handbag to keep small items such as water bottle, ear plugs, charger etc.
  5. Don’t wait for the food trolley. Take your own snacks to stave off any bouts of hunger.
  6. Stretch your legs, do gentle exercises and walk a little in the plane after every two hours to maintain proper blood circulation in your legs.
  7. Avoid too much tea, coffee, and cold drinks. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.
  8. Stay relaxed and try to make new friends by starting up a conversation with your seat-mate if he/she is comfortable with that.
  9. Select a good airline like British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic etc.
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