5 Things to Know About How League of Legends Ranked Rewards Will Work In 2019

League of Legends, also known as LoL, is one of the most popular web-based video games. The game supports multiple players as long as they are connected to the internet. Although the game is packaged as a freemium model, players have to use a special currency when buying tools for enhancing their performance. Riot, the company that developed the game has published a blog that outlines on the changes that will take effect in 2019 regarding the functionality of ranked rewards. Continue to read below to know how the new changes will affect your gaming experience.

League of Legends Ranking

1. New Ranking System

Unlike in the past when players were ranked according to the scores earned, ranks will now be allocated according to the that you play in the game. This means that it will be much easier to pair players against each other. Inexperienced players were matched with experienced players. In the final end, a player that was not experienced had narrow chances of winning the game. In the coming year, players will be selected according to positions. This will help in creating a leveled playing field for all gamers.

2. The Season will be broken into three Segments

At the moment, the players have to wait until the end of the year to get their reward. It’s anticipated that as from 2019, players will be able to reset their settings three times. This is because the season will be broken into three segments. Players will have an opportunity to improve their performance. Those who are creative can use such periodic breaks to buy secret tools that will discreetly help them beat their rivals. Such tools are available at eloboost.com.

3. Divisions in Every Rank

There are currently 5 divisions in every rank. Once the new changes are implemented next year, each rank will comprise of 4 divisions. And that’s not all. A separate tier will be created in each division. The new tier will help in decongesting diamond and bronze tiers. In addition to that, every player will be entitled to a provisional ranking. The ranking will be given after participating in a placement position. Interestingly, the provisional rank will be set below the previous season position. It will be used to determine how low the ranking of a player can go. However, the provisional rank of a player will not be changed even if he loses in multiple encounters. The other ranks will be upgraded as you win games.

4. Brand New Tutorial

Riot is really committed to spicing up their game. The game developer has promised that the existing gaming tutorial will be updated to make it easy for beginning gamers to learn how to play League of Legends without being assisted by anyone. This will go a long way into making the game to be more user-friendly. And there is more. Once the changes are put in place, Smite will no longer be a preserve of highly ranked players. Low ranked players will also be able to access it at an early level.

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