50+ Sites Like G2A To Buy & Sell Video Games at Good Rates

A few months ago, if someone has asked me what is the best place to sell their video games online or buy second-hand video games, I would undoubtedly recommend G2A.com. But in the past few months, G2A, the largest video game marketplace has been deteriorated due to lots of spamming and fraud both from sellers side and buyers side. So, if you are new, I would not recommend you to use G2A now to buy or sell video game or any other gaming gadgets.

Instead, there are cool sites like G2A which are still holding healthy and active marketplace to allow anyone to buy or sell video games without getting deceived. Today, I am providing a list of such cool G2A alternatives which you should use instead of G2A.com to buy or sell video games.

Through the below table, I am providing a huge list of 50+ sites like G2A which are providing awesome marketplace both for video game sellers and video games buyers. Some of them are instead providing better services than G2A by providing lots of options to buy or sell. They are providing services to buy/sell in-game money, rare game items, premium accounts, gaming gadgets and lot more.

So, take a look to these sites like G2A I’ve provided by hand-picking them against their features.

Sites Like G2A

Website Link

Shopify Game Tradehttps://www.shopify.in/sell/games
Game Exchangehttps://www.gamexchange.co.uk/
Music Mag Piehttps://musicmagpie.co.uk/trade-in-games/
Text Book Rushhttps://www.textbookrush.com/sell/games/
BestBuy Buy Gameshttps://www.bestbuy.com/buy-sell-games
Price Chartinghttps://www.pricecharting.com/market
Epic N PChttps://www.epicnpc.com/multiplayer-buy-sell-games
Cash for Gamershttp://www.cashforgamers.com/
Old School Gameshttps://theoldschoolgamevault.com/
We Buy Gameshttps://www.webuygames.co.uk/
Gamers of UAEhttp://gamersouq.com/
Gamesbin Apphttp://gamebinapp.com/
DK Oldieshttps://www.dkoldies.com/sell-your-games/
Lukie Gameshttps://www.lukiegames.com/sell-games.html
Web Buy Bookshttps://www.webuybooks.co.uk/sell-xbox-games/
Chillout Gameshttp://www.chilloutgames.co.uk/SellGames.aspx
Disc Flipperhttp://www.discflipper.com/sell-computer-games-online
GG Portlandhttp://www.ggportland.com/home/buyselltrade/
BuyBack Gameshttp://www.buybackworld.com/sell/gaming-console
Might Tyapehttps://www.mightyape.co.nz/games
Sell DVDs Onlinehttp://www.selldvdsonline.com/sell-video-games.php
Player Uphttps://www.playerup.com/
U Sellhttps://www.usell.com/sell/video-game/
Trade Info Cashhttps://www.tradeinforcash.co.uk/
Your Gaming Shophttps://yourgamingshop.com/
Sound Go Roundyhttp://soundgoroundny.com/
Bre Softwarehttp://www.bresoftware.com/fresno-video-game-store/
Replayoft Legohttp://www.replayoftoledo.com/
Player's Choicehttps://www.playerschoicevideogames.com/
Le Longhttps://www.lelong.com.my/video-game/
Card Markethttps://www.cardmarket.com/en
Where Househttps://www.wherehouse.com/games/
Go Game Headzhttp://www.gogameheadz.com/xbox-360/

I am sure you’ve liked the list. It’s wise to bookmark this article not only to find sites like G2A easily but also to stay tuned as we are going to add new cool sites in this list of best G2A.com alternative sites. And, tell us which of the above list of sites like G2A did you like the most.

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