Live Online Casino Games To Play This June

As the industry of live online casinos expands, more and more exciting opportunities for thrill-seeking players are made available at their fingertips. By the time June 2023 rolls around, an infinite variety of creative new games will have completely taken over the internet gaming market.

These games have rethought what it means to gamble on an online website like Gullybet by fusing cutting-edge technology with the fundamentals of traditional gambling. 

Diving straight into the exciting world of live online casino games (like, this June promises an impressive roster of must-play games. Let’s get down to business and discuss the top five live casino games that you really should be playing this month

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Double Ball Roulette: A Twist on a Classic

When playing “Double Ball Roulette” at Gbet, each spin has two balls, which results in a wider variety of betting alternatives and double the amount of suspense.

  • Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • RTP: 97.3%
  • Max Win: 1300 to 1 payout (both balls land on the selected number)
  • Special Features: Double Ball Jackpot( jackpot if both balls land in the chosen pocket); Inside and Outside Bets (allow for interesting combinations of bets)

Because of its fascinating bonus functions, it is the ideal activity for the month of June, when the long summer nights make it possible to play games at a leisurely pace and the double-ball feature offers twice as much pleasure.

No Commission Baccarat: More Winnings, No Deductions

The traditional game of baccarat has been improved with the addition of a new variant known as “No Commission Baccarat,” which does not charge a fee on banker bets. 

  • Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • RTP: 98.76%
  • Max Win: 8 to 1 payout (tie bet)
  • Special Features: No Commission (Players don’t pay a commission if the banker wins); Super 6(A side bet that the banker will win with a score of 6)

This live dealer game is perfect for those leisurely moments when players want to focus on strategizing without the added concern of commission reductions. Its unique no-commission feature promotes a relaxed gaming atmosphere, enabling players to immerse themselves fully in the thrill of each round.

Cricket War: Battle of the Bats

“Cricket War” is a one-of-a-kind casino game with the popular sport of cricket serving as its inspiration. 

  • Provider: Ezugi
  • RTP: 97.35%
  • Max Win: 180x your stake
  • Special Features: Multiple betting options( Offers wide-ranging betting options on various outcomes); Live Chat (Allows players to interact with the dealer and other players)

It’s a great option for evening summer sessions, especially as it coincides with the start of cricket season. Enjoy the warm and bright feelings of June while participating in vibrant discussions with other people who share your passion for cricket and putting bets on the results of your favorite cricket matches.

Ultimate Andar Bahar: A Traditional Indian Favorite

The “Ultimate Andar Bahar” card game adapts a classic Indian pastime for play in the modern world of online casinos. 

  • Provider: Super Spade Games
  • RTP: 95%
  • Max Win: 120x your stake
  • Special Features: Side Bets (Several side bet options make the game more exciting); Live Chat (Players can converse with the dealer and other players)

It’s a game that everyone can pick up and play, but it has such a high level of addictive potential that it’s ideal for summertime, when players are looking for quick and easy activities to keep them occupied during the hot afternoons.

Side Bet City: A Neon Trip Back to the ’80s

“Side Bet City” transports players back to the 1980s with its vivid neon aesthetics, adding a nostalgic touch to the June gaming scene. The bright, glowing visuals are reminiscent of an old-school summer, inviting players to immerse themselves in the carefree spirit of decades past. 

  • Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • RTP: 96.27%
  • Max Win: 1000 to 1 payout (3 card win)
  • Special Features: Multiple Betting Options (Players can bet on a 3-card hand, 5-card hand, or 7-card hand); All Lose Option (A bet that all hands will lose)

This unique poker variant keeps the adrenaline pumping with its variety of betting options. As the neon lights flash with every win, players can practically feel the cool breeze of an adventurous night in the 80s.


No matter what June has in store for you, these top live casino games promise to add an extra layer of excitement to your plans. Perhaps you’ll find yourself wrapping up a day at the office, settling down to play a round of “Double Ball Roulette” on a warm balcony evening. 

Whether you’re at home, at the beach, or anywhere in between, these games offer a thrilling escape and a chance to win big.

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