What is Live Sports Betting and How does it Work?

In the digital age, more of us are enjoying a wager than ever before. For some, that means playing casino games on their smartphones, and there’s certainly no end of choice where that is concerned. But the activity that has really taken off over recent months, particularly across the USA but also in the wider world, is sports betting. Even those who do not usually consider themselves gamblers cannot deny that having a personal stake in the outcome makes a game more exciting. After all, it means that if your team wins, so do you. And if they don’t – well, if you’re only staking the price of a cup of coffee or a beer, it’s no great financial loss. 

live sports betting

The growing popularity of sports betting has led to new platforms on which to place your bet and also new types of bet you can place. Without doubt, the most exciting and innovative of these is live betting.

What is live betting?

In days gone by, the sportsbooks would close on a race, a game or a fight just before it got underway, and those with money on the outcome could do nothing but watch and hope. Today, online sportsbooks can stay open while the game is in progress, adjusting the odds as things develop. 

The possibilities this offers are incredible. Imagine a game where the rank outsider gets off to a great start. Suddenly their odds of winning are slashed – however, you might also choose this moment to back the favorite at longer odds to make a comeback and still seal the victory.

Who offers live betting?

Live betting is being offered by a growing number of sportsbooks. Its popularity means the big names have been forced to adopt it to keep up with the newcomers to the industry. This is good news for punters, as choice and competition inevitably lead to special offers. It’s worth exploring sites like ComeOn, where a significant joining bonus can really make your bankroll last longer. 

Which sports are suitable for live betting?

The concept first gained widespread recognition and really took off in the world of soccer betting. Of course, this is a game that is ideally suited to live betting, as when there is an average of perhaps four goals in a game, each one has a major influence, and therefore dramatically affects the odds. It’s no surprise that in the UK, thousands of fans enjoy live betting on the Premier League every weekend. 

However, sportsbooks are starting to explore live betting in other sports, too. Football is an obvious example, as every touchdown or field goal will change the odds, and in the latter stages of a game, even a first down or a turnover could swing things from one way to the other. Over the coming year, don’t be surprised to see live betting options for every sport under the sun, from basketball to Nascar. It’s fast and furious, so why not give it a try?