5 Unconventional ways people Make Money Online

Website Tester 

Website Testing is an easy and flexible way of making money online. There are several deficiencies that website owners want to get rid of. For example, some sites may have ugly fonts, or some may have way too many advertisements. To make sure that the website is interesting and not boring, owners hire Website Testers whose work is to point out the negatives of a website, and understand the basics of what can be called a ‘good’ website. 

Your job as a Website tester is to make sure that websites are easy to navigate. You may also be required to make comments and suggestions on the design and quality of the sites. You need to have fluency in English because many of the companies will ask you to write a small report for them, on completion of every test. 

Online Surveys 

In this fast paced world that is increasingly advancing in technology, one of the best ways to earn money is to try out Paid Surveys. It is a fast and easy way of making money online. Paid surveys take very little of your time, and do not require you to have any specific skills or expertise. There are several companies that want to hear your opinions about their products and services. Paid Surveys act as agents who help you communicate with these very companies. 

For successfully earning a good amount of money through Paid Surveys, you need to follow certain tricks. You need to decide on what style or type of surveys fit best for you. Once you start gaining points in your account, make sure you cash out as soon as you can. Do not say that you hate any particular product – it adds on to negative points. Try to give out answers or comments that a survey specifically is looking for. 

Cricket Betting 

Cricket is a highly popular sport, with millions of viewers and fans who treat their team as national heroes. With the various advancements in technology and increasing number of people connected through this sport, more and more people are enjoying cricket betting.

Understanding statistics of the match is important for making bets. The main statistics are: which teams are playing, where, when and in what series the match is happening, who won the toss. 

Bets can be of different types when it comes to cricket. Pre-match bets accept bets before the beginning of a match. In-play or live bets are rather the more popular bets – and gives plenty of time to think of betting opportunities. Match betting is simply where you bet on which team will be winning a match. Series betting, similarly, is about which team wins the series. However, an Outright Winner bet has bigger odds and payouts, and is not easy to predict which team will win a league or a tournament. It is even more difficult to bet on Top Bowler or Top Batsman, does not matter whether in a match, a series, a league or a tournament. 

Search Engine Evaluation 

With a lot of companies entering this space, Search Engine Evaluation is becoming an easy online working option. The function of a Search Engine Evaluator is to match a specific search term with the results of the search engine. 

If you are a quick leaner and can handle web navigations smartly, you are surely fit for the role. What you need to keep in mind is that there is a lot of information that you need to stay updated with. You have to be up-to-date with your regional news, culture and sports – because the nature of the work, in most cases, is region related. 

Mystery Shopping 

A mystery shopper makes money by visiting certain businesses and evaluating their performance. Mystery Shopping has flexibility of time, and you can always focus on your areas on interest as a shopper, in order to be able to conduct the evaluations in a well researched manner. As a mystery shopper, you are basically getting paid for being an undercover customer. You will be given a list of products or services that you need to assess and then evaluate. In the end, all you need to do is submit a full detailed report and complete your assignment. 

As long as you can focus on the details of the assignment, you can also take your kids along with you. For example, restaurant assignments allow you to even spend time with your family, while you are secretly working as a mystery shopper. The quicker you are at finishing a long list of items, the more a company is likely to pay you. 

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