10 Tips for Using Instagram for Business Marketing

After globally accepted social websites Instagram is the world’s second most famous network after Facebook. This smartphone generation conceives more visual content than any other form because visual content is interesting and more captivating.

Hence Instagram possesses more convenience like it has complete privacy protocols, then again it also links to other sites too. Its stories tend to provide more connection and link to the daily updates

People use Instagram for business due to this reason, just to promote their product as visual series will grab attention more easily than written posts.

In this way via pictures and short videos products get to the market and people become more updated from time to time. However it is not that easy to get an instant business promotion, this growth is slow but steady and requires a few essential tricks.

First of all sharing and promoting is the key element after this all other factors are applied. Although posting catchy engagements like deals and giveaways also seek most of the attention. At this juncture is a discussion down below telling more tips using Instagram for business marketing ;

1. Profile Update

The first decision using Instagram is to make a proper profile according to the business. The profile tells a caliber of any brand first handedly and same as also engage the audience.

Survey a few big brands and their Instagram profile to get the idea about profile update. Hence, write proper bio and description about the brand, its promise and the links to other sites too.

The links provided in bio are being used massively to get more exposure to the product, the audience often goes to the website for more know-how about the prices.

2. Stories

Adding daily updates through Instagram stories is also a smart trick to grab the audience collection. Use the stories wisely, put the new product snaps and write grabby words with that. Also, update about the upcoming sale plans or the already aired sale online or in store.

In the same way put pictures that just show the glimpse of products, to engage with more curiosity for the buyers.

3. Hashtag

Every post on Instagram has hashtags, which promotes its visibility and updates. The hashtags are the pearls for business endorsement as it brings up the content instantly. Use the hashtags wisely, for this reason, the most common words used for the products the same as the use of multiple hashtags to generate more visibility.

4. Highlights

After the posts make a separate section for highlights link to each product. Make a different section according to the product and make tiny highlights to make things smoother.

Hence, a different part top of the post is made by highlights that not only grab first attention but also keep the audience updated. The stories disappear after 24 hours so these highlights can bring that information back in the form of a glimpse.

5. Catchy Posts

Try to post catchy posts and write the sources with them, despite adding a picture there are also posting tricks to seek attention. The posts written underneath snaps is also very important as it can contain the product details, the color options available and price.

Whereas, adding website link is also very captivating idea to lead the customer towards buying a center house.

6. Be open to the customers

Dealing with big business is not easy, it requires a lot of business communication tricks while dealing with the customer directly. First of all, try to incorporate 24/7 service if not then at least try to serve 8-9 hours alternately.

Customers love to be part of such a venture who offer services with complete guide and information. To make it possible try to answer every query using formal polite way to achieve more and more buyers.

7. SEO tricks

Using SEO is a technical trick but it does help a lot of ventures to reach certain successful level. Using the right keywords and selective tricks to grab the targeted audience.

In order to receive more from this trick first of try to understand the audience after it the interest related to the product, then use similar keys according to it.

8. Advertisements

The stories and highlights do wonders while the advertisement is required to attain more traffic from other platforms too. These add may occupy few seconds but just a pointer can make bigger differences.

9. Buying More Followers

Buying followers for Instagram is a trend and it instantly works like magic, it makes the traffic more indulge. While an increased number of followers show more seriousness of the brand and its fashion.

10. Collaboration with Bloggers

After all these basic tricks, find the bloggers or journalists who can endorse your brand via their channel and link. Send free products and ask them to write and share their experiences on Instagram stories and posts.

Charu decided to unite her Honors Degree in New Media and lifetime of geekiness to pursue a career in tech and gaming journalism. You can usually find her writing about a variety of topics and drooling over new gadgets and games.